White Papers


What the Pandemic Has Taught Us About Modernizing Practice Administration

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented some of the largest changes to society and healthcare in recent history. medical professionals were...

Unemployment is Changing the Face of Healthcare: How Can You Adapt?

Higher unemployment rates and subsequently higher under and uninsured rates will affect medical practices in terms of patient count, revenue,...

The Evolution of Patient-Provider Relationships: Balancing with Technology

The once one-sided doctor-patient relationship was directed by the physician; however, today, patients take a greater role.

Breaking Down MIPS and Upcoming Changes

MIPS is a series of metrics that evaluate health outcomes and performance, and provide financial rewards for achieving certain thresholds.

Beyond Covid—The Other Healthcare Crisis Sweeping the Nation

Patients everywhere are avoiding doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals — to an alarming degree.

Telehealth and Beyond: What Modern Healthcare Looks Like Now

With its growth accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the adoption of telemedicine represents a new era of modern healthcare.
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