White Paper: What the Pandemic Has Taught Us About Modernizing Practice Administration

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Lessons From the Pandemic: Modernizing Practice Administration

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The Evolution of the
Doctor-Patient Relationship

The COVID-19 pandemic has produced some of the largest changes to healthcare and to society in recent history. Medical professionals were forced to adapt to treat patients safely and effectively. Developments such as telehealth, online check-in, and modern care delivery experiences advanced rapidly. It also highlighted significant challenges in the medical field, including provider burnout, resource and budget pressures, heavy regulations, and burdensome policies.

Healthcare practitioners, practice administrators, and patients alike are eager to get back to normal once the pandemic ends, whatever “normal” may look like. Yet along the way, we’ve learned some lessons about modern practice administration. These lessons are shaping the decisions we make to better patient care and improve the success of practices.

What's covered in this guide?

  • The modernization of practice admin and patient care

    Telehealth services, waived MIPS requirements, and the new waiting room.

  • Healthcare billing and reporting changes

    Changes in practice administration are streamlining healthcare.

  • Streamlining practice administration and billing

    Billing and practice administration software can help your practice soar.

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