Customer Disclosures

Customer Disclosures: Electronic Business Transactions, Signing Documents Electronically, and Receiving Electronic Notices and Disclosures.

RXNT may be required by law to provide Customer with certain written disclosures or notices. The terms and conditions of providing such disclosures or notices are provided below (“Consumer Disclosures”). By proceeding, Customer agrees that they have reviewed the following information regarding consumer disclosures and consent to business transactions using electronic communications, utilizing electronic signatures, and receiving notices and disclosures electronically.

Obtaining Paper Copies

Customer may, at any time, request from RXNT a paper copy of any record provided or presented electronically by RXNT to Customer. To request paper copies of records, please contact RXNT and include Customer’s name, email address, telephone number, postal address, and title of the document.

Hardware and Software Required

The RXNT system runs the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge browsers. The minimum system requirements for our platform are subject to change over time.

Component Recommended Minimum
OS Windows or Mac OS Windows or Mac OS
Resolution 1920 x 1080 at 100% zoom 1200 x 800 at 100% zoom
Processor 2 GHz 2GHz
Screen Size 24 inch 13 inch
Internet Speed 25 Mbps 10 Mbps

Withdrawing Consent

Customer may, at any time, withdraw consent to receive notices and disclosures from RXNT electronically. To do so, contact RXNT informing us that Customer withdraws consent and provide Customer’s name, email address, date, telephone number, and postal address.

Should Customer, after withdrawing consent, proceed to use the electronic signature system, Customer’s consent will be renewed to receive notices, disclosures, or documents

If Customer elects to receive required notices and disclosures only in paper format, certain transactions and delivering services may be delayed to account for postal courier services.

All Notices and Disclosures will be Provided Electronically

RXNT will provide all required notices, disclosures, authorizations, documents, and other acknowledgements to Customer electronically via email or through our platform unless Customer informs RXNT otherwise through the procedures described. RXNT will provide all notices to Customer via the address and method Customer provides to us to reduce the chance of Customer inadvertently not receiving any notice or disclosure. To update contact information, please contact RXNT and provide Customer’s name, email address, telephone number, and postal address.

Contact RXNT

Contact RXNT by sending an email to [email protected] or by postal mail to:

1449 Whitehall Rd.,
Annapolis, MD 21409

Acknowledging Customer Access and Consent
to Receive and Sign Documents Electronically

By proceeding, Customer confirms that:

  • Customer accessed and read these Consumer Disclosures;
  • Customer has the ability to print, save, or send these Consumer Disclosures to a location where Customer can print it for future use and access; and
  • Customer consents to receive all required notices, disclosures, authorizations, documents, and other acknowledgements exclusively through electronic means during the course of Customer’s relationship with RXNT, unless Customer notifies RXNT as described above.
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