White Paper: Not Just COVID-19 — The Other Medical Crisis Sweeping the U.S.A.

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Not Just COVID: The Other Medical Crisis Sweeping the U.S.A.

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Private practices have seen a significant decrease in visits and revenue across the country.

Patients everywhere are avoiding doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals—to an alarming degree. Even patients with the most delicate, chronic healthcare conditions are foregoing routine and emergency care in great numbers.

The little-discussed crisis has short-term and long-term implications for patient health and the future of healthcare. To successfully re-engage patients, providers must focus on targeted communication, safety initiatives, data, and education.

What's covered in this guide?

  • The Current State of Private Practices and Clinics

    Providers are turning to telehealth care to ensure patient's receive care.

  • Specialists Seeing the Greatest Drop in Utilization

    Primary care physicians aren’t the only ones reporting a decline in patient visits.

  • Strategies for Engaging Patients

    Providers need to re-engage patients who have avoided or diverted care.

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Of the 2,750 primary care physicians surveyed by the Primary Care Collaborative, 79% reported seeing fewer patients in-person, but doing more outreach via video and phone.

Source: PCPCC.org

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