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Bringing care to the future since 1999

In May 1999, a simple idea transformed healthcare: what if you could transmit prescriptions electronically—not just for the sake of convenience, but also to make essential care more accurate, secure, and accessible for patients?

From our original E-Prescribing tool still recognized as the best on the market to new releases like our Advanced Reporting tool, we're continuing to help medical professionals nationwide deliver better care—today, and for the next 25 years.


Randy Boldyga establishes Networking Technology Inc. from the basement of his home.


Networking Technology begins beta testing its first program, RXNT, with pharmacies and prescribers.


Public launch of flagship E-Prescribing software, RXNT.


Networking Technology Inc. adopts the name RXNT.


RXNT moves its operations to the first office in Annapolis.


RXNT releases its Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution.


RXNT launches its Practice Management System.


RXNT releases its first iOS application for mobile.


RXNT releases the very first EPCS-certified Android app on the market.


RXNT receives the first of four Inc. 5000 awards.


RXNT releases a mobile patient portal app, MyRXNT.

Randy Boldyga listed among the Top 50 Healthcare CEOs.


RXNT hits milestone of 100 million prescriptions sent.

RXNT recognized by Forbes Advisor as the "Best Overall" E-Prescribing Software and to Top 10 Best EMR Systems.


RXNT hits milestone of $5 billion in claims processed.

RXNT celebrates its 25th anniversary in business!

RXNT recognized by Forbes Advisor as the "Best Overall" E-Prescribing Software and to Top 10 Best EMR Systems.

...and this is only the beginning

We've had 25 years of incredible milestones, but what keeps us going is the mission to help medical professionals deliver better, safer, and more efficient care to their patients. Thank you for coming on this journey with us.

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From the PDA to the iPhone, technology has transformed the healthcare industry radically over the last 25 years. We've seen it all, we've weathered hundreds of storms, and I'm so proud of RXNT's growth from humble beginnings to market leadership. I couldn't be more excited for the next 25 years.

Randy Boldyga



Powered by our people

Our strength doesn’t come just from the technology. It comes from our people. No company can succeed—especially for 25 years—without a dedicated, committed, hard-working group of people who believe that what they're doing can make a real impact. We're lucky to be surrounded by team members and teammates who embody the passion, respect, compassion, and vigor it takes to thrive in a competitive market.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of RXNT's journey. Whether you were here from the start or just joined this year, you're contributing to a lasting legacy we can all be proud of.

RXNT Recognized by Forbes Advisor in 2024

RXNT was recognized by Forbes Advisor for two consecutive years. Our integrated, clinical Electronic Health Records (EHR/EMR) software was named the "Best for Multi-Specialty Practices" by Forbes Advisor editors in their Top Ten ranking of the “Best EMR Systems" of 2023 and 2024.

RXNT was also named the "Best Overall" electronic prescribing solution by Forbes Advisor for 2023 and 2024.

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