EPCS Mandates: The Ultimate Guide to 2020 Deadlines

The ultimate guide to EPCS mandates

Safer, faster controlled substance prescribing. Act now!

RXNT Helps You Comply with EPCS Mandates

Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS) mandates is a proven weapon in the fight to prevent drug overdoses. Many states already require EPCS or will soon. In addition, E-Prescribing is part of the federal “Every Prescription Conveyed Securely” mandate that takes effect in 2021. RXNT's eRx solution is EPCS-certified and will help you comply with government mandates quickly and easily.


Missed Your State's Deadline?

Act now! If you practice in Arizona, Iowa, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, or Rhode Island and aren't in compliance yet, click one of the icons below for information on requirements. State mandates are part of an ongoing trend across the U.S. as state governments combat the opioid epidemic. The federal EPCS mandate that takes effect in 2021.

It's not too late! Sign up for a demo of our EPCS-certified Electronic Prescribing product today!


Learn about the mandate, view exceptions, and register with Arizona's PDMP.
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Learn more about the IA mandate, view exceptions, and register with Iowa's PDMP.
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Find out more about the MA mandate, and register with Massachusetts' PDMP.
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North Carolina

Learn about the mandate, view exceptions, and register with North Carolina's PDMP.
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Get info on the mandate, view exceptions, and register with Oklahoma's PDMP.
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Rhode Island

Learn about the Rhode Island mandate, view exceptions, and register with RI's PDMP.
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Learn about the mandate, view exceptions, and register with Pennsylvania's PDMP.
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How can RXNT help you?

Since paper prescriptions are becoming easier and easier to forge, the evolution of e-prescribing can completely eliminate paper prescriptions.

RXNT's Electronic Prescribing satisfies the EPCS requirement deadlines, and helps combat the opioid crisis in states where controlled substances continue to be an issue. Improve safety and quality of care with automatic drug and allergy interaction checks, and get real-time medication history to determine compliance and improve adherence.

Check out the quick guide Four Steps to Comply and get started today!

An award-winning, certified system you can trust

Our E-Prescribing solution is certified by the DEA to support Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS).

Five-time Surescripts award-winning and certified application, as well as ONC-ACB certified.

Meets or exceeds all HIPAA requirements.

Seamless integration with RXNT's EHR and PM solutions

Electronic Health Records

Our Electronic Health Records (EHR) solutions seamlessly integrates so you can prescribe and manage your patient record systems from one platform.

Practice Management

Our Billing and Scheduling tools, part of the PM system, help you bill more accurately, get reimbursed faster, and enhance patient communication.

Ready to get started?

Since 1999, we've offered innovative, feature-rich software for the healthcare industry. Our integrated, EPCS-certified system finds use in healthcare organizations of all sizes, from small family clinics to large, multi-specialty hospitals.

We offer flexible pricing options, including monthly and yearly subscriptions to make our tools accessible to almost any practice. Plus, keep your entire team connected with unlimited licenses at no cost for non-prescribing staff.

The information on this website is for general information purposes only. RXNT makes no warranties or representations of any kind, express or implied, about the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the products, services, or related information or graphics contained on this website. RXNT assumes no liability for any damages caused by inaccuracies in this content or arising from the use, misuse, or reliance on any or all of the content on this website. All users should consult with their jurisdiction for the most up to date and accurate information about any existing or pending legislation.

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