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Arizona’s E-prescribing Mandate

Arizona e-Presecribing Mandate

January 1, 2019

What prescribers need to know

  • Schedule II substances require electronic prescribing
  • Limit on opioid dose levels to <90 MME/day
  • 5 day limit on first prescription fill, 5 day limit doesn't apply to those who suffer from chronic pain
  • Opioid medicine packaging will be clearly labeled with a red cap

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pharmacies set up for EPCS?

Over 95% of U.S. pharmacies are EPCS enabled, so be confident that you can securely transmit prescriptions to nearly any location.


Will I need to change my workflow for EPCS?

Changes will be minimal. For example, you will need to use a hard or soft token for authentication. Our training staff can walk you through the process.


What's needed to certify my identity?

You'll need to show your medical license, a government-issued document with your photo, and proof of your mailing address.

Helpful Links

Register with Arizona's PDMP here:


For details instructions on how to comply with the mandate:


To see how RXNT can help you get certified:

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