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PM software for Neurologists is a

Maximize revenue, streamline administration

Software That Keeps Pace with Busy Neurology Practices

Neurology specialists treat a diverse range of conditions that affect the spine, brain, and nervous system. The conditions are complicated and demand for services continues to grow. Average appointment wait times for first time patients can be 35 days or more.¹ And not expected to improve with a 19% projected shortage of Neurologists by 2025.² 

In the short term, Neurologists are on the front lines of COVID-19 and the long-term effects of the virus. A Lancet study of COVID-19 patients finds that 55% display neurological symptoms during follow-up visits three months later.³ All of this makes practice efficiency a top priority for a Neurology practice.

RXNT’s integrated  Practice Management system has the functionality time-strapped Neurologists need. RXNT smoothly integrates with telehealth so you can still hold consultative appointments, while streamlined billing workflows, simplified scheduling (including telehealth), and reduced administrative tasks help your practice be more efficient and get paid faster—which is more important than ever!

1 American Academy of Neurology, The Doctor Won’t See You Now? Study: Us Facing A Neurologist Shortage, April 17, 2013.
2 MGMA, Neurology Workforce Shortage:What Leaders Must Do Now to Avoid Crisis, by Kim Blasingame, FACMPE, September 20, 2018.
3 The Lancet, Cerebral Micro-Structural Changes in COVID-19 Patients – An MRI-based 3-month Follow-up Study, by Yiping Lu, MD et al, August 3, 2020.

No Hassle, No Cost Implementation

We know you don’t have the time for a complicated software implementation. Or the budget for “surprise” fees. At RXNT, we don’t charge for implementation, training, or support. And our Practice Management software easily integrates with other Electronic Health Records products. (Of course, you can save time and money by adding our proven EHR solution too.)


Any assistance you need is available from representatives in our Maryland-based headquarters who resolve 84% of client issues during the first outreach. Contact us by email and our live, online chat feature. Or, access our resource center to view our interactive guides for quick, do-it-yourself problem-solving.

“Clean claims” increase payments, reduce rework

Correcting errors before a claim is submitted is the best way to avoid costly rework and lost revenue. In fact, 50%-65%* of denied claims are never re-submitted. 


With RXNT, your claims are “scrubbed” twice before they get to the payer. This doubled-down approach to claims’ scrubbing means fewer rejected claims and more revenue for your practice.

*You might be losing thousands of dollars per month in 'unclean' claims, MGMA, February 1, 2014.

Scheduler better manages time and resources

RXNT’s Scheduler tool does more than help overloaded Neurologists manage appointments. You can efficiently allocate resources, such as exam and treatment rooms, diagnostic resources, and staff. All with single sign-on, no matter your size or number of practitioners.

Versatile payment options

Getting paid for your services can be a priority for any practice. But the high cost of care can put a strain on your patients’ wallets. In fact, 67% of Americans are worried about how they’ll pay for an unexpected medical expense.* RXNT’s Billing software offers flexible payment plans, sliding fee scales, and online patient bill payment that helps you maximize revenues without placing undue hardship on your patients.


*Elavon, Healthcare Payments Insights Survey Report 2020.

RXNT protects your Neurology practice

We can also help you safeguard your practice against the threats a Neurologist faces daily. For example, our FREE Risk Awareness Toolkit offers resources to proactively avoid risks, such as malpractice, cybercrime, HIPAA violations, and adverse health outcomes. 

We’ll also help you minimize practice risk and increase patient safety with our clear documentation and communication tools.

The RXNT Advantage to Neurologists

Rapid, smooth implementation in weeks, not months, and with minimal downtime. We take care of the data upload, and we’ll provide software training that fits your schedule.

Safeguard your business with certified technology, built-in accuracy cross checks and alerts, highest-level data security, and up-to-date diagnostic, procedure, and billing codes.

Exceptional value with all-in pricing backed by 24/7 access, unlimited training and support, and regular upgrades. Not based on claims or billing—stay profitable as your practice grows.

Better revenue management and higher profitability with quick payments and increased cash flow. You’ll spend less time managing bills and have more time for your patients.

Is RXNT right for your practice? Here’s what others are saying

What makes RXNT stand out is knowing that I have a very reliable Practice Management and Scheduler working together. I like the way the system thinks for me. It’s cut my accounts receivable down by 25% to 30% because I’m catching claims and fixing them before they even go to the payer.

University Family Medicine Center

We used an external biller before and it was a mess...now we can see what is in the patient’s profile with the touch of a button. We get paid faster because we can take payments in the office and record it in the system.

KC Family Hope Center

Customer service, billing side, scheduling side. Everything about the program is awesome...Anytime I need them, they are always there helping me. Whether it is something small or big. Whether we have gone over something one time or 10 times, they still help me with patience. I love RXNT and I love the people that work at RXNT!

Office Manager/Billing Specialist

Simple solution, comprehensive functionality

For over 20 years, our affordable, award-winning products have helped thousands of providers deliver measurable results for their patients and their practice. RXNT integrated solutions are available a la carte: Practice Management with Billing and Scheduling, Electronic Health Records with Patient Portal, and Electronic Prescribing. But you’ll gain even greater efficiency and productivity, and save the most money with our integrated Full Suite platform that includes all of these solutions.

CBO Functionality

Single sign-on simplifies multi-site, multi-provider billing.

Online Patient Bill Pay

Receive payments faster and more securely.

Mobile Charge Capture

Accurately document procedure, diagnosis, and modifier codes.

Denial Management

Determine the cause of denials and reduce future denials.

Automatic Eligibility

Real-time eligibility checking and electronic remittance advice.

EHR Integration

A single platform to eliminate data disparity and toggle between tools.

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