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Practice Management System

Healthcare providers dedicate a majority of their resources to providing quality patient care. Meanwhile, administrative tasks can prove inefficient, time-consuming, and costly. To ensure both financial stability and long-term success, back-office staff members need to lighten their administrative burden and be as efficient as possible.

An organization's office staff manage a variety of essential duties—from communicating with patients and scheduling appointments to billing insurance companies and creating reports. Trying to tackle these jobs individually can lead to costly mistakes and frustrating delays in reimbursement. Instead, many organizations have turned to Practice Management (PM) software systems to help manage their businesses.

RXNT's PM solution combines an electronic medical billing system with a digital patient scheduling system and is designed to help streamline administrative tasks. We believe all healthcare organizations deserve access to technology they need to be successful, which is why our integrated medical office management system is so affordable. Learn more about the benefits of our medical practice management solutions below.

Get Paid Faster

Streamline payment processes and enable faster reimbursement.

Increase Productivity

Automate tasks and improve efficiency.

Better Scheduling

Enhance communication and how you use your resources.

Customized to your needs

Our easy-to-use, cloud-based medical billing system allows practices of any size to cost-effectively manage their businesses from anywhere, on any device or platform.


Our system's flexible design can be customized easily to best fit your business requirements.

Improve efficiency

Go digital to streamline your office processes with patient scheduling, billing, and reporting. 

Simplify Billing and Improve Revenue Cycle Management

RXNT's Practice Management system assists with a number of challenging administrative tasks, including accurate billing, claim tracking, reporting, scheduling, and patient notifications. By allowing office staff to complete work through a single, easy-to-use interface, RXNT's medical practice management systems can increase productivity and improve revenue cycle management, ensuring your patients are billed accurately and your business receives revenue in a timely manner.


RXNT's PM solution supports many types of practices, from large hospitals to small family clinics and solo practitioners. Our electronic medical billing and patient scheduling system can help you accomplish the following goals:

Get paid faster

Claim scrubbing, claim alerts and tracking, and automatic secondary claim submissions improve financial performance and promote faster reimbursement.

Increase revenue with centralized A/R

End-to-end claim tracking reduces your days in accounts receivables and is built right into your workflow.

Reduce claim denials

Easily identify and resolve causes of denied claims to accelerate payment and improve cash flow.

Prevent billing errors

Built-in claim scrubbing detects and eliminates errors in billing codes, reducing the number of claims that are denied or rejected.

Customize reports

Our custom reporting medical billing system makes displaying and analyzing data simple. Comprehensive and configurable reports allow you to report on every field in the billing workflow and edit on the fly, without disrupting the flow of other reports.

Boost efficiency

Integrated real-time eligibility checks, claim status verification and alerts, electronic remittance advice (ERA), and resource and patient scheduling with reminders streamline front and back office administration, helping you manage your business more efficiently.


Customer service, billing side, scheduling side. Everything about this program is awesome!

Jennifer - Dr. Peteryne Miller, MD

Central Billing Office Functionality

Single sign-on simplifies multi-site, multi-provider billing.

Online Patient Bill Pay

Get payments faster and more securely.

Any Size, Any Specialty

Supports solo practitioners up to large multi-specialty groups.

Patient Reminders

Automatic reminders via secure text, email, or phone.

Denial Management

Determine the cause of denials and reduce future denials.

Mobile Charge Capture

Accurately document procedure, diagnosis, and modifier codes.

Patient & Resource Scheduling

Supports multiple locations, patient reminders, calendar syncing, and reporting.

Automated Eligibility & ERAs

Real-time eligibility checking and electronic remittance advice.

EHR Integration

Single solution to eliminate data discrepancies and toggling between systems.

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Since 1999, RXNT has provided innovative, feature-rich technology for the healthcare industry. Today, we offer effective practice management software alongside a full suite of healthcare IT solutions, which includes Electronic Prescribing (eRx) and Electronic Health Records (EHR). An integrated full-suite solution from RXNT can help transform your workflow and improve your practice's financial forecast.

To best serve the needs of healthcare organizations, we also prioritize customer service. When you choose a medical billing practice management system from RXNT, you'll gain access to implementation, training, updates, and ongoing support from our U.S.-based customer support team. To see how RXNT's PM software could solve administrative challenges in your practice, reach out and schedule a live, personalized demo today.

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