Risk Awareness Toolkit: Identify & Address Risks

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Software that works together reduces the possibility of data inaccuracies, billing errors, staff confusion, and more. All of RXNT's cloud-based solutions have built-in risk-management features. Plus, we've created this free, interactive toolkit that's overflowing with resources to help practitioners identify risks and proactively address them. Simply complete the form and the tookit is yours.

Included in the free toolkit:

  • Are You Security Savvy? Quiz

    Answer eight risk-based questions to assess the security of your healthcare technology.

  • Stay out of the Courtroom!

    Check out our latest research on how a tech tool can mitigate risk.

  • Medication Management Roadmap

    Follow our animated tips to improve prescription and patient safety.

  • 4 EHR Tips to Reduce Errors

    Maximize the efficiency of your EHR without compromising accuracy.

  • 7 Safeguards Slideshow

    Animated overview of RXNT's high tech protection for your patients and practice.

  • RXNT product features that safeguard your patients and practice.

  • Free, Personalized Support

    For any questions you may have, call (800) 943-7968 option 3, or send an email one of our customer advisors.

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For half the cost of most other software packages out there, it's worth it to work with them. Their customer service team is one of the most responsive I've seen in my 35 years of professional experience!

Alice - Physicians Solutions

"Very intuitive. Easy to navigate. Much more user friendly than competing programs."


"There are such a significant number of advantages, I don't know where to begin!
The staff at RXNT is awesome."


"Great value, sound integrated system. Have used daily for years and keeps getting better"

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