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Urology EHR Software to Reduce Workloads

Integrated healthcare practice software for Urologists will increase efficiency and improve the patient experience.

An aging population needs more quality Urologic care

According to the 2021 census, the US population over 65 will increase to 19% by 2030. Additionally, the youngest members of the Baby Boomer generation will be included in the Medicare age group that heavily uses healthcare services. Older Americans make up the majority of individuals needing urology care, and a survey from the American Urologic Association reported that 52% of practicing urologists are aged 55 or older.

The increase in older Americans as well as urologists nearing retirement has created a gap in the number of providers available to treat patients. Despite urologists joining the workforce every five years, the Association of American Medical College estimates there will be a shortage of between 37,800 and 124,000 physicians in surgical specialties such as urology by 2034. Additional studies have reported the possibility of approximately 3,630 by as early as 2025.

The aging urology workforce and patient base are just some of the factors contributing to a decrease in urologists. A recent Medscape reports that 48% of urologists are experiencing burnout to the extent that they consider leaving the field.

To ease the burden on urologists, RXNT created urology office software designed to streamline workflows, ease the administrative burden, and improve patient care. Our easy, cloud-based software simplifies and automates processes across the enterprise and paves the way for the next generation of urologists.

A trusted Urology EMR software that
eases administrative burdens

As part of the workforce providing much-needed care to aging Americans, it’s crucial to maximize urologists’ time with patients. However, there are numerous administrative tasks such as scheduling, prescription writing, patient engagement, and updating patient records that take time away from interacting with patients. Additionally, these manual, time-consuming processes create additional work for urologists which can further increase burnout.

RXNT’s Urology EHR software is built with the unique challenges facing the Urology industry in mind. Our robust Scheduling software helps you more efficiently manage in-office and telehealth appointments. Intuitive EHR workflows make updating records an easy part of your appointments, and mobile apps for iOS and Android give urologists more time to care for patients.

Electronic Health Records

RXNT’s EHR/EMR system provides a complete electronic patient history. Urologists can review previous procedures, lab or test results, and more. With Urology-specific functions, work is simplified and streamlined, errors are reduced, and practice proficiency is increased. EPCS, MIPS, & HIPAA-compliant.

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Electronic Prescribing

Improve patient care by eliminating prescription errors and long wait times with RXNT’s E-Prescribing system. With seamless integration into our Practice Management system, urologists can review patients’ prescription history and prescribe new medications from a single platform.

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Patient Engagement

Ensure your patients have a smooth experience—from routine check-ups to post-surgery care—with our patient engagement software. Urologists can manage real-time appointments, message patients in a secure environment, process intake and consent forms, and access patients’ medical history—all from one platform.

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Mobile Applications

Give urologists the ability to care for and interact with patients anytime, anywhere with our mobile applications for Android and iOS. The accessible apps enable physicians to quickly and easily access and review patient data, decreasing potentially costly errors and mistakes and enhancing patient experience.

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Cloud-based Urology software since 1999

RXNT’s cloud-based Urology office software has empowered Urologist & specialists across the country to streamline operations, enhance patient-physician communication and collaboration, and significantly reduce administrative burden. Our fully-integrated software platform is designed to improve practice efficiency with affordable, award-winning Billing and Scheduling, Electronic Health Records with Patient Portal, and E-Prescribing. RXNT enables urology practices to maximize resources and easily care for a growing patient base.


We take the risk out of practicing medicine

At RXNT, we help you safeguard your practice against the daily threats facing your urology practice every day. From attacks against medical devices and patient data to phishing and malware, RXNT provides complete protection, ensuring patients’ private and sensitive data is protected.

For example, our free Risk Awareness Toolkit offers resources to proactively avoid risks such as malpractice, cybercrime, HIPAA violations, and adverse health outcomes. You’ll have peace of mind knowing all practice data and records are safe and secure.

Chart, track, & analyze patient encounters with Smart Forms

Your Urology practice and your patients are unique! Instead of struggling with forms that complicate your workflow, don’t reflect your specialty, or fail to meet your specific requirements, get instant access to over 1,000 user-friendly, customizable encounter templates. Designed with your growing Urology practice in mind, allowing you to easily scale with confidence.

RXNT’s "Smart Forms" templates will help your Urology providers improve processes and workflows across your entire practice. From standardizing charting and improving efficiency to reducing errors and enhancing communication, they'll help you increase overall practice performance and improve patient care across the entire care journey.

Our commitment to Urologists

Rapid Implementation Timeline

We understand the need for rapid deployment, which is why our software can be deployed in weeks, with minimal downtime. Don't worry about data transfer, we’ll take care of all that for you.

Reduce Security Risks

RXNT's cloud-based applications are more secure than server-based competitors. We follow strict information security policies, and all of our applications and data are hosted on SOC-2 Type II certified datacenter(s).

Unbeatable Value

RXNT’s all-in pricing enables you to streamline your practice without breaking your budget. Get 24/7 cloud-based access, premium in-house support, and regular system upgrades at no additional cost.

Realize Higher Profitability

Increase your cash flow with electronic payments and automated billing. With RXNT, you’ll spend less time managing patient finances and more time with your patients.

"While searching for e-prescribing solutions I came across RXNT and we enrolled for the entire package. Customer service is outstanding; when submitting a problem you will generally get an answer the same day and often within an hour or two."

Washington Internal Medicine

"I have been using RXNT for over four years now and have been very happy. We tried several others before deciding on RXNT. By far the best EHR company out there."

Family Practice Walk-In Clinic

Simple solution, comprehensive functionality

Seamless Integration

Go from scheduling to patient encounters to billing—all with just a few clicks.

Fully-Certified EMR Software

RXNT is MACRA certified, allowing you to provide patient care with full peace of mind.

Powerful Reporting

Customizable reports clearly highlight opportunities for practice improvement.

Cloud-Based Software

RXNT’s cloud-based software allows for easy access to patient information.

High-Value EMR Software

Streamline your entire practice without encountering any hidden or extra fees.

Enhance Patient Engagement

Simplify patient engagement by automating routine tasks on our platform.

Accessable Mobile Applications

iOS and Android applications allow you to run your practice from anywhere.


RXNT is headquartered in Annapolis, MD, allowing us to provide high-quality care across the country.

Streamlined Outreach

Contact our team of support agents from a single phone number.

It has easy-to-find quick tabs to help find patient information. Electronic prescribing is quick and easy. Great reports to keep your office on top of meaningful use. It really does have everything to help a practice run smoothly.

– Kari, Family Practice Walk-In Clinic

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