Sep 8, 2015

Hospice Physicians: Save Time and Improve Care with E-Prescribing Software

Alanna Diffendal  |  Updated December 15

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By now, the benefits of electronic prescribing software have been well documented. We know that e-prescribing saves physicians time and money, improves patient safety, and enhances quality of care. Despite this, we hear stories all the time of hospice physicians driving around in search of a fax machine in order to send a patient’s prescription to the pharmacy. When asked why they don’t use ePrescribing, hospice physicians said they thought they would need to be in an office with a computer to realize the benefits of ePrescribing. This, however, is not the case.

Hospice physicians and their staff work on the go, and they are not always in a traditional office setting. Many times, their office is wherever the patient is located. While physicians and staff in the hospice profession like the idea of electronic prescribing, they are concerned that traditional e-prescribing cannot meet their needs because they are on the go and in the field. They are also concerned that writing prescriptions for controlled substances – something they do regularly – cannot be done through an ePrescribing solution. It is clear that hospice physicians have a very unique set of needs as it relates to writing prescriptions. Nonetheless, companies like RXNT have developed solutions to overcome their concerns and challenges.

In addition to being fully mobile, RXNT’s ePrescribing solution has been customized to include hospice specific formularies and hospice specific comfort packs to improve the day-to-day workflow of hospice prescribers. We have also partnered with major hospice pharmacies and PBMs, giving our customers direct connectivity to names recognized and trusted by all in the hospice field. RXNT is always looking for ways to make ePrescribing worthwhile for hospice physicians and staff, which is why we have incorporated tools into our ePrescriber that streamline workflow. These tools reduce the need for physicians to fax in prescriptions. They also reduce the calls between physicians and their staff and between hospice physicians and the pharmacy.

It may be the case that e-prescribing solutions were not initially designed to meet the unique needs of hospice providers, but RXNT, over the last several years, has been addressing these needs and has honed an ePrescribing solution receiving critical acclaim from leaders in the hospice field (physicians, pharmacies, and PBMs). At RXNT we are committed to continue listening and striving to better our hospice ePrescribing solution, allowing us to help hospice physicians overcome workflow challenges and improve patient care.

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