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Versatile point of care prescribing.

Electronic prescribing, tailored to hospice.

Software for Hospice

Patients—especially those in hospice care—count on the medications you administer. To provide effective, comfort-focused care, these Hospice professionals need point-of-care prescribing tools that allow them to send prescriptions from wherever they're working, whether that's behind a desk or by a patient's bedside. As many physicians have already discovered, electronic prescribing comes with a number of benefits for hospice workers and their patients.

As a caregiver, you want your patients to have quick access to prescriptions. At the same time, you want those prescriptions to be safe, effective, and sent in accordance with current regulations. To meet these demands, RXNT offers a flexible and cost-effective point-of-care electronic prescribing solution. Our cloud-based e-prescribing software, launched in 1999 and refined every year, has all the features you need to provide excellent hospice care, meet compliance requirements, and improve your organization's efficiency.

With RXNT's e-prescribing tool, you can safeguard patient safety, send prescriptions to a retail or mail-order pharmacy using almost any internet-connected device, and refocus on what you do best—caring for patients.

24/7 prescribing

Available from any computer or phone with mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Real-time patient history

Get alerts for drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions to help keep patients safe.

Certified for EPCS

Certified to write prescriptions for both controlled and uncontrolled medications.

Improve efficiency

Electronic prior authorizations (ePA) reduce time spent on back-and-forth communications, patient-specific formularies to aid in selecting the most appropriate medications, and a real-time prescription queue allows for fast approval. By streamlining the prescribing process, these features free you up to see more patients.

The eRx mobile app allows you to work more efficiently. With secure e-prescribing tools at your fingertips, you spend less energy relaying information, sending faxes, and making tedious phone calls.

Stay connected

Our software connects you to all U.S. retail and mail-order pharmacies, streamlining the prescribing process and offering flexibility for patients.

With cloud-based e-prescribing for hospice care, patient medication records are kept consistently up-to-date. Whenever you add a new prescription, the list updates automatically across platforms. This ensures you're working with accurate information whether you're in the office or in the field, preventing adverse drug reactions.

Certified solution

Five-time Surescripts award-winning and certified, and ONC-ACB certified.

Certified to support E-Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS).

Meets or exceeds all HIPAA requirements.

A solution aligned with hospice care needs

RXNT's e-prescribing system offers a new way for hospice professionals to improve patient care. Learn more about the benefits of our point of care prescribing solution below or contact us to request a demo today.

Our point-of-care prescribing solution also helps you stay connected by providing access to the tools you need to do your job. Whether you're working on a mobile device or a desktop computer, you can perform drug interaction checks, reference formularies, reach patient pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), and more. Access the tools you need to provide the best care from anywhere, at any time, within your workflow.

Certified by DEA and Surescripts to electronically prescribe controlled and non-controlled medications.

Connected to up-to-date prescription databases and all U.S. retail and mail-order pharmacies.

We're sensitive to the distinctive needs of hospice patients. Our solution lets you prescribe medications at any time, from anywhere, so there is minimal interruption in care.

Nurses can queue up prescriptions for providers to approve and send to the pharmacy.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are accessible within your account to ensure patient medication programs are correct.

Our in-house, US-based customer service ensures you receive the training and support you expect. Interactive support guides help you find answers fast.


RXNT is very user-friendly. It is easy to customize and you know right away that your prescription was sent electronically to the pharmacy.

Denise - VITAS Healthcare

Mobile App

Free mobile app (iOS and Android) lets you prescribe from the patient's bedside 24/7.

Real-time Presciption Queue

Nurses can queue up prescriptions for fast provider approval.

Certified Solution

Surescripts and DEA-certified for peace of mind.

Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances

Allows you to easily comply with EPCS for class II-V medications.

Patient-specific Formularies

Determine the most clinically appropriate and cost-effective medications.

Electronic Prior Authorizations (ePA)

Eliminates time-consuming paper forms, faxes, and phone calls.

Real-time Medication History

Determine compliance, improve adherence, and reduce adverse drug interactions.

Drug and Allergy Interaction Checks

Improves safety and quality.

Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Access

Connectivity to your patients' PBMs.

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