Electronic Health Records – The Three Most Hated Words

December 1, 2016

Electronic health records (EHR) have gained a negative reputation for many in the medical field. In fact, “about one-fifth of doctors don’t have an EHR” and “only 34 percent of doctors surveyed by the American Medical Association said they were happy with their electronic systems.” Yet, many practices claim there is a growing need for workflow improvement within their organization.

In working with practices, one of the most common statements is “I know we need to move electronic, but we just aren’t ready to adopt an electronic health record solution at this time.”

It is critical to understand that adoption of an electronic health record does not have to be the first step toward improving workflow within a practice. Find a company, like RxNT, that will allow you to adopt software based on your practice’s biggest need. What is your organization’s biggest need?

Once you determine your biggest need(s), RxNT will help you develop an implementation strategy specific to your goals. Using only what you need reduces stress as you transition to an electronic solution that will meet your needs today. And when the time comes, whether that be 6 months, 12 months, or 3 years, to adopt an electronic health record solution, your practice will be a call away from a solution that meets your needs tomorrow.

About RxNT

Networking Technology, Inc. dba RxNT, based in Annapolis, MD, develops innovative software solutions for ambulatory care practices. RxNT has been a leader in cloud-based software for over 16 years with a fully integrated line of solutions including RxNT|PM (practice management), RxNT|EHR (electronic health records), and RxNT|eRx (electronic prescribing). For more information about RxNT|EHR, or RxNT’s other healthcare solutions, visit us online at www.RXNT.com, call us at 800-943-7968 Ext. 3, or follow us on LinkedIn.

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