Patient Scheduling


Save time, improve practice efficiency

Manage appointments, auto-reminders, collect payments.

Cloud-Based Medical Patient & Resource Scheduling

Tackle one of the biggest challenges affecting practice efficiency with RXNT's integrated, HIPAA-compliant medical office Scheduling software. Our top-rated healthcare management tool supports multiple locations and CBOs, sends easy patient reminders, and helps your growing practice get paid.

Healthcare providers dedicate a majority of their resources to providing quality patient care. Meanwhile, administrative tasks can prove inefficient, time-consuming, and costly. With healthcare Scheduling software, you'll increase productivity so you can focus back on patients—not administrative tasks.

Quickly view and manage what's happening at your practice from anywhere with easy mobile applications for iOS and Android. Plus, connect to RXNT's integrated Medical Billing software for a complete Practice Management system. Every solution from RXNT is certified and dependable, with no hidden fees.

Better Scheduling

Enhance communication and resource allocation with location support, calendar syncing, and single sign-on.

Auto Reminders

Reduce "no shows" with automated patient reminders via email, text message, or phone.

Collect Payments

Check insurance eligibility, and bill patients based on copays, coinsurance, and outstanding balances.

Tools to empower your patients and improve your practice.

Reduce back-office workload with easy physician scheduling software for practices of all sizes and specialties. Increase productivity so you can focus on patients—not administrative tasks.

  • One Price

    Includes set up, training, support, and upgrades.

  • Seamless Integration

    Choose a single solution or the entire suite.

  • Cloud-Based

    Affordable, secure access from anywhere.

Improve office efficiency

Manage your practice on-the-go. Go digital to streamline your office processes with patient scheduling and patient check-in.

Use the Check-In and Scheduling apps for iOS and Android to manage what’s happening at your practice, and quickly and accurately document a patient’s visit.


Best-in-class features

Manage multiple locations with single-sign-on (SSO), and easily view patient appointments for the day, week, or month. Sync with Google or ICS calendars, and schedule resources such as meeting rooms and treatment rooms.

Plus, automated patient reminders, eligibility checks, and ERAs streamline your workflow, while integrated insurance features and copays help your practice get paid.

Great product; the support staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. [The] scheduling system has state of the art features, and the ability to notify patients of pending appointments.

Juspen Enterprises, Inc.

My experience with RXNT has been nothing short of awesome! Customer service, billing side, scheduling side, everything about the program is awesome!

Dr. Peteryne D. Miller, MD

There are so many pros, I don't know where to start! The scheduling is so easy. [We] just did a training session yesterday and the entire staff liked it so much better than what they had before.

Mountain View Medical Billing

Single Sign-On

Easy SSO simplifies multi-location, multi-physician scheduling.

Schedule & Check-In Anywhere

Stay connected and schedule on-the-go with the mobile app.

Any Size, Any Specialty

Supports solo practitioners up to large multi-specialty groups.

Medical Billing Integration

Manage your practice with charge capture, claims scrubbing, reporting, online patient bill pay, and more.

Automated ERAs & Eligibility Checks

Real-time, automatic eligibility checking and electronic remittance advice (ERA) for billing.

Electronic Health Records Integration

Single patient records solution to eliminate data discrepancies and toggling between systems.

Ready for better medical scheduling?

Get an easy, virtual demo to see how our integrated software will help create efficiencies and streamline your practice.

Every product is backed by 24/7 cloud-based access, premium in-house support, and regular system upgrades.

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