RXNT's cloud-based eRx solution integrates with our EHR and PM solutions.

Specialty: Physical Therapy/Rehab


RXNT’s Flexibility Solves Problems for Physical Therapists

Practice Management tools address evolving
billing and scheduling needs

Technology that helps physical therapists adapt to challenges

Very few specialties are changing as rapidly as physical therapy and rehabilitation. The demand for physical therapists is expected to grow 18% from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations.* At the same time, a new healthcare landscape is emerging, due in part to the Coronavirus, but also resulting from shifting patient expectations. Managing a physical therapy practice requires a special set of resources, including leading-edge software. 

RXNT’s Practice Management (PM) system has the features a busy physical therapist needs to manage and grow a practice. Comprehensive and customizable billing workflows, flexible and telehealth-friendly scheduling tools, and an interactive patient portal help your practice to thrive.

*U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, September 1, 2020


Get paid faster and with less effort

Our feature-rich, easy-to-use Billing software accomplishes important billing tasks quickly and efficiently. Workflows are simplified with just a few clicks—from insurance eligibility, charge capture, assigning codes, claim scrubbing, and remittance. 


Accurate coding is critical to timely reimbursement for physical therapists. Our Billing software has a comprehensive, up-to-date database of ICD-10 codes, including telehealth, for fewer claim rejections. And online bill pay lets patients pay bills faster and easier. The result? Better revenue and happier patients.

Efficiently manage time and resources

Simplify one of the biggest barriers to practice efficiency with RXNT’s Scheduler solution that lets you allocate resources, such as exam and treatment rooms, diagnostic resources, equipment, and staff. 


Seeing more patients virtually? Telehealth visits can be scheduled easily. And no-shows are reduced with convenient patient reminders sent by email, text, or phone. All with single sign-on, no matter your size or number of practitioners.

Connect with patients from anywhere

You won’t need to hire IT staff to have a state-of-the-art Patient Portal. As part of our Practice Management system, you’ll be able to offer this secure, online platform to your patients. From scheduling appointments to accessing treatment plans to paying bills online, RXNT’s Patient Portal satisfies your patient’s need for a better practice experience.Patients can communicate securely, save time, and receive support between care—all from a computer or tablet device.

Protect your physical therapy practice

We can also help you safeguard your practice against the threats a rehabilitation facility faces daily. For example, our FREE Risk Awareness Toolkit offers resources to proactively avoid risks, such as malpractice, cybercrime, HIPAA violations, and adverse health outcomes. We’ll also help you minimize practice risk and increase patient safety with our clear documentation and communication tools.

The RXNT Advantage to Physical Therapists

Rapid, smooth implementation in weeks, not months, and with minimal downtime. We take care of the data upload, and we’ll provide software training that fits your schedule.

Safeguard your business with certified technology, built-in accuracy cross checks and alerts, highest-level data security, and up-to-date diagnostic, procedure, and billing codes.

Exceptional value with all-in pricing backed by 24/7 access, unlimited training and support, and regular upgrades. Not based on claims or billing—stay profitable as your practice grows.

Better revenue management and higher profitability with quick payments and increased cash flow. You’ll spend less time managing bills and have more time for your patients.

We’re here when you need us

“Customer service, billing side, scheduling side. Everything about the program is awesome... Anytime I need them, they are always there helping me. Whether it is something small or big. Whether we have gone over something one time or 10 times, they still help me with patience. I love RXNT and I love the people that work at RXNT!”

Jennifer O - Office Manager/Billing Specialist

Simple solution, comprehensive functionality

For over 20 years, our affordable, award-winning products have helped thousands of providers deliver measurable results for their patients and their practice. RXNT integrated solutions are available a la carte: Practice Management with Billing and Scheduling, Electronic Health Records with Patient Portal, and Electronic Prescribing. But you’ll gain even greater efficiency and productivity, and save the most money with our integrated Full Suite platform that includes all of these solutions.

CBO Functionality

Single sign-on simplifies multi-site, multi-provider billing.

Online Patient Bill Pay

Receive payments faster and more securely.

Mobile Charge Capture

Accurately document procedure, diagnosis, and modifier codes.

Denial Management

Determine the cause of denials and reduce future denials.

Automatic Eligibility

Real-time eligibility checking and electronic remittance advice.

EHR Integration

A single platform to eliminate data disparity and toggle between tools.

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We’ll show you how RXNT’s versatile and budget-friendly Practice Management solution will transform your physical therapy practice by improving your revenue while reducing your administrative burden.


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