May 9, 2024

RXNT Announces Transition to Relay Exchange Clearinghouse

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Relay Exchange V3

In the wake of UnitedHealth’s Change Healthcare outage that widely impacted the medical industry starting in February 2024, RXNT is taking measures to restore connections with payers and limit any lingering disruptions.

ANNAPOLIS, Md., May 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – Healthcare technology company RXNT, a leading developer of ambulatory clinical and practice management software, announced its successful transition to the Relay Exchange clearinghouse via Change Healthcare on May 9th, 2024. This transition, which follows a period of extensive beta testing, will restore full claim submission capabilities for RXNT’s current and prospective customers. The decision to transition to a new clearinghouse was made with the goal of bringing systems back online as quickly and safely as possible, in turn helping practices resume their typical revenue operations and ensure their financial stability.

“The Change Healthcare outage has had severe consequences for health networks, practices, and billing companies across the country,” said RXNT CEO, Randy Boldyga. “Restoring full, reliable claim submission and clearinghouse capabilities for our customers means we are one crucial step closer to getting services back to normal.” 

There is still no timeline available for a complete restoration of Change Healthcare’s systems. However, RXNT remains in active communication regarding service restoration for ERAs, Statement Printing, the Payer Finder API, and online customer portals. Previously, RXNT announced the restoration of Eligibility connectivity on April 24th, 2024. At this time, no further action is required from all current RXNT clients to begin submitting claims via Relay Exchange. However, clients are encouraged to monitor official company communication channels for further updates as they develop.

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