Change Healthcare Outage

UPDATED 6/24/24

Change Healthcare Outage Updates

We're here to help you navigate this challenging situation. Bookmark this page to get the latest updates from our team, and stay informed on the outage as it continues to unfold.

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Latest Update

We’ve identified an issue where some rejected claims were remaining on the Pending tab, and not moving to the Rejected tab of the Claims screen as expected, even though the claim details include the rejection message. We have corrected all impacted claims as well as corrected the issue going forward, so that all claims that contain a rejection are listed on the Rejected tab of the Claims screen. 

What does this mean for RXNT customers?

  1. You may see an increase in the number of claims on the Rejected tab of the Claims screen.
  2. These claims were already rejected and are not new rejections, however, were previously listed on the Pending tab of the Claims screen.
  3. Please continue to work claim rejections as expected from the Rejected tab of the Claims screen.  

RXNT Restored Services

Claim submission & management


Eligibility checks

Statement printing & mailing

What Happened?

Change Healthcare disabled their systems following a cyber security issue on February 21st, 2024. This shut down claim submission, ERA reception, eligibility checks, and statement printing services for a significant number of providers across the country.

Efforts to resolve the outage are underway, with UnitedHealth Group—Change Healthcare and Optum's parent company—collaborating with law enforcement and third parties to restore services.

Helpful Resources

Official CHC Updates

Optum Status Page

RXNT's CHC Outage Guide

Table of Contents

    Additional Resources & Links

    Common Questions

    An estimated restoration timeline for some services is available via the Official CHC Updates and Optum Solutions Status pages, which are linked above. An estimated timeline for full restoration is not available.

    We have implemented a temporary workaround for claim submission through Optum's iEDI clearinghouse. In an effort to fully restore claim submission connectivity in a timely manner and provide the best long term solution, RXNT will soon be migrating to the Relay Exchange clearinghouse within the Change Healthcare umbrella.

    What action is needed from RXNT customers?

    None at this time. Please continue to utilize iEDI for claim submission. 

    When will the migration be complete?

    It is too early to provide an accurate estimate. We are waiting on connectivity restoration dates, and will provide updates as they arrive.

    How will payer enrollment work?

    We are collaborating with Change Healthcare on payer enrollments. As we have more information, we will provide next steps. You can view the Relay Exchange payer list here.

    How will customer portal access change?

    As we migrate to Relay Exchange, the Vision customer portal will sunset, and customers will have expanded functionality via the ConnectCenter portal which is compatible with Relay Exchange. The ConnectCenter portal has not yet been restored. We will provide details on how to set up your account once they are available.

    We encourage you to proactively share resources, information, and news as it arrives. Additionally, you can work with customers directly to find solutions and workarounds.

    Communicate clearly about how this situation may impact them and set expectations around how your practice will navigate any challenges the outage has caused.

    Please explore the Optum and HHS financial assistance options linked above in "Additional Helpful Resource Links." Our suggested workarounds can also help practices maintain some level of normal financial operation.

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