Risk avoidance strategies for OB/GYN providers

Resources for protecting your patients, practice, and business.

OB/GYNs face more risk than most

Malpractice suits are a challenge for all providers. But, the statistics from the 2017 Medscape Malpractice report show the extremely high malpractice risk that OB/GYNs must overcome:

85% have been named in lawsuits
75% have been sued more than once
48% spent more than 40 hours on their defense
40% of suits resulted in payouts of $500,000 or more

And, malpractice is just one of the risks OB/GYNs face. You also need to safeguard against compliance violations, security breaches, and cybercrime. RXNT understands your concerns. We’ve developed our safe and secure healthcare solutions with functionality that protects you where you’re most vulnerable.

We’ve also prepared a free Risk Awareness Toolkit that helps you identify where you’re at risk so you can take proactive measures.

Get your free Risk Awareness toolkit

Our Risk Awareness Toolkit is overflowing with resources to help Internal Medicine providers everywhere identify risks and proactively address them:

  • Mitigating Risks for Medical Practices Report reviews the latest research about medical malpractice and how technology helps you stay out of the courtroom.

  • The Are You Security Savvy? Quiz asks eight risk-based questions to assess the security of your healthcare technology.

  • A Medication Management Roadmap with practical tips for improving prescription safety and protecting patients.

  • The 4 EHR Tips for Reducing Errors Article helps you maximize the efficiency of your Electronic Health Records without compromising accuracy.

  • A 7 Ways RXNT Protects You From Risk Slideshow for an overview of how RXNT software lowers risk for your practice.

  • A no charge, no risk demo of RXNT product features that safeguard your patients and practice.

  • A free, personalized support line for RXNT software questions you may still have: call (800) 943-7968, option 3, or email one of our customer advisors.

“We chose RXNT after reviewing many EHR/PM programs. We felt it offered the most features for the lowest cost. We are pleased with the flow of patient charting to billing/payment posting. The platform is stable and we haven't had downtime. The customer support/service is the best I've encountered in the EHR/PM program industry.

Alice W - Vice President

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