Oct 21, 2015

RXNT Partner Spotlight – FLAVORx

Alanna Diffendal   |   Updated December 15   |  Reading time: 2 minutes

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RXNT and FLAVORx have partnered to improve medication adherence, making better-tasting medicine a seamless option for providers (using RXNT solutions) and their patients. FLAVORx-recommended taste options are incorporated within the RXNT’s electronic health record and stand-alone ePrescribing solutions to make it easier for providers to notify the pharmacist that a medication needs to have a customized taste.

Recently, RXNT reached out to FLAVORx to talk openly about the business of their company, what’s keeping them busy, and what excites them about the FLAVORx – RXNT partnership. Here’s what they had to say:

RXNT: Tell us a little bit about FLAVORx.

 FLAVORx helps improve medicine adherence rates, specifically for pediatrics. Many children struggle with taking liquid medications and by customizing the taste of the medication we are helping make medicine-time a lot easier for both the parents and child.

RXNT: Who are your customers?

FLAVORx: We have 45,000 customers consisting of pharmacies, hospitals and veterinarians.

RXNT: Why do your customers need FLAVORx?

FLAVORx: Custom flavoring provides a unique way to engage with patients, and promotes extraordinary customer experiences, especially with parents of young children. Normally, pediatric adherence rates are around 60%. When medications are custom-flavored, adherence rates can improve to 90%. With our products, prescribers and our customers can improve a better outcome for medication adherence.

RXNT: What sets FLAVORx apart from the competition?

FLAVORx: Our flavors are specially formulated for use in medications. Each drug has a unique recipe based on its underlying ingredient and taste profile. No other company does what we do.

RXNT: What is FLAVORx excited about right now?

FLAVORx: The partnership with RXNT has really opened up the possibilities to reach out and engage more with prescribers. We know prescribers can really influence the best outcome for medicine adherence, which is one of our main goals.

FLAVORx will be at the AAP Conference in Washington D.C. this Saturday, October 24th through Monday, October 26th in booth 553, and the RXNT Team will be there showing our support!

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