Sep 24, 2015

RXNT and FLAVORx Announce Exciting Milestone in Their Partnership to Improve Pediatric Patient Outcomes

Alanna Diffendal  |  Updated December 15

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RXNT’s ePrescribing and electronic health record solutions incorporate FLAVORx-recommended taste options for pediatric liquid medications, helping pediatric prescribers improve outcomes by promoting better patient adherence. To date, the RXNT and FLAVORx partnership has provided pediatric prescribers over 1.4 million opportunities to flavor liquid and suspension medications from the point of patient care.

RXNT, an innovative software solutions provider for the healthcare industry, and FLAVORx, supplier of adherence-boosting taste personalization of liquid medications in 45,000 pharmacies across the country, have teamed up to make better-tasting medicine a seamless option for pediatric prescribers and their patients. Using Electronic Prescribing or Electronic Health Records, pediatric prescribers can now designate a child’s preferred medication taste directly on the electronic prescription with the click of a mouse or a tap on a mobile device. This information is then communicated to the patient’s pharmacy, facilitating the custom taste of the medicine for both the pharmacy and the patient.

“Allowing patients to choose the taste of their medication can play an important role in pediatric adherence,” said Stuart R. Amos, CEO of FLAVORx. “For prescribers that use RXNT’s ePrescribing solution (RXNT|eRx) or its full electronic health record solution (RXNT|EHR), they simply need to click the FLAVORx option on the screen to recommend customizing the taste of medications, which now can be covered by the patients FSA or HSA.”

The taste of liquid medicine can be a significant barrier to higher adherence with children. A recent study found that 6 in 10 parents of children under nine years old have had a moderate-to-severe struggle getting their child to take liquid medication at some point in the past year. Customizing the taste of medication at the pharmacy is a widely accepted method for improving the palatability of liquid medicine and a child’s willingness to adhere to the prescription regimen. Most chain, grocery, and mass merchant pharmacies offer the FLAVORx service to their customers, in addition to several thousand independent pharmacies.

Electronic prescribing is quickly becoming the de facto standard for prescription writing in the United States. According to Surescripts’ 2014 National Progress Report, 56% of physicians e-prescribe with over 1.2 billion prescriptions submitted electronically in 2014 (2014 National Progress Report). Electronic prescribing is considered more accurate than paper-based prescribing, which leads to less confusion and fewer errors at the pharmacy, saving prescribers time and money. RXNT, with their first-to-market inclusion of a taste selector and pediatric dosage calculator in their ePrescribing and electronic health record solutions, is further demonstrating the power electronic prescribing has to ensure healthy patient outcomes.

“The benefits of ePrescribing are significant for the entire healthcare community, and it is clear ePrescribing is here to stay,” said Tom Collinson, EVP of Business Development at RXNT. “With that in mind, we continue to make enhancements to our solutions that further simplify and streamline the workflow of physicians and their practices.”

About RXNT

Networking Technology, Inc. dba RXNT, based in Annapolis, MD, develops innovative software solutions for ambulatory practices. RXNT has been a leader in cloud-based, electronic prescribing technology for over 16 years. RXNT|eRx can be used as a standalone solution or can be fully integrated into RXNT’s EHR (electronic health record) and PM (practice management) solutions. For more information about RXNT’s ePrescribing solution or its other healthcare software, visit them online at and follow them on LinkedIn.


FLAVORx has been helping children take their medicine since 1994. The FLAVORx service is available in nearly all chain pharmacies, grocers, mass merchants, and many local independent pharmacies – over 45,000 locations in all. Using FLAVORx copyrighted flavoring recipes, pharmacists have safely personalized the taste of more than 50 million prescription and over-the-counter medications, making it easier for children to take their medicine and for parents to give it. For up to the minute information on FLAVORx, follow the company on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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