Nov 11, 2015

RXNT Spotlight – Annapolis Billing Services

Alanna Diffendal  |  Updated June 28

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RXNT has partnered with Annapolis Billing Services, Inc. (ABS) to connect our Practice Management customers with expert billing services. ABS provides medical billing and credentialing services to a variety of medical specialties, utilizing RXNT’s state-of-the-art practice management solution for all back office needs.

RXNT recently reached out to Annapolis Billing Services to openly discuss the services provided by their company and what excites them about the ABS – RXNT partnership. Here’s what they had to say:

RXNT: Who are your customers?

ABS: Annapolis Billing Services provides medical billing and credentialing services to a variety of medical specialties, including, but not limited to, primary care, urgent care, internal medicine, gastroenterology, anesthesia, and outpatient surgery centers.

RXNT: Why do your customers need Annapolis Billing Services?

ABS: ABS simplifies medical billing without disrupting a practice’s workflow. Customer focus and attention to detail, paired with knowledgeable, RXNT|PM trained medical billers, eliminate the need for practices’ to bill in-house.

RXNT: What is your company excited about right now?

ABS: ABS is excited about all of the change happening in the healthcare industry. With the ICD-10 transition requirement, ABS is partnering with Medical Providers to help them adapt to ever changing billing and coding challenges by utilizing RXNT’s Practice Management solution.

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