Need a Practice Management System?

Do you need a Practice Management system?

Streamline administration to enhance productivity and cash flow

What is a Practice Management (PM) System?

A healthcare practice management platform automates manual and time-intensive administrative tasks within a single, integrated system. This includes appointment scheduling, patient paperwork, medical billing, claim scrubbing, tracking third-party payments, report generation, and managing revenue. Ideally, a PM system integrates with your Electronic Health Records (aka Electronic Medical Records) to avoid data duplication and errors. Direct integration facilitates faster, more accurate claims processing and payment turnaround. The goal of a PM system is to maximize practice efficiency, revenue, and profitability.

Greater accuracy means faster reimbursement

PM software is designed to help accelerate practice accounts receivables, increase your cash flow, and reduce bad debts. The RXNT PM system achieves this with automated claims accuracy checks that prevent problems before a claim is submitted.
Other features that help you get paid faster include:

A comprehensive database of ICD-10 and CPT codes that reduce claim rejections or denials. 

Automatic updates to ICD-10 and CPT codes as they are released by the American Medical Association (typically five times a year). 

Superbills and “Visit-type” macros ensure that full encounter services are captured for claims submission. 

Integrated clearinghouse services so you don’t have to upload claims, download remittances, or access another system to check claim or payment status.

Manage revenue with customizable reporting

Easy-to-create custom reports help you monitor accounts payable and collections. RXNT’s comprehensive and configurable reports let you report on every field in the billing workflow. And you can edit as you go to easily access the details you need without extra analysis. Download reports as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF file for easy distribution, review, and follow up.

Stress-free scheduling

RXXNT’s Scheduling software helps you manage workloads and plan staff and resource schedules with daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views. Appointments can be set for an individual doctor or multiple providers, including telehealth visits. Send out pre-appointment paperwork electronically for completion in advance, plus easy patient history acquisition and record keeping. Providers stay up-to-date with appointment syncing to Outlook and Google calendars. And, you can reduce no shows with patient reminders sent via the patient’s preferred channel, such as text, email, or phone.

Quicker patient payments

Capturing payments at patient check-in, check-out, or after a visit—with online bill pay—gets you paid faster. It also improves patient relationships, saves you money on paper bills, and avoids late payments. RXNT flexible payment plans add even more patient convenience, even in difficult financial times.

RXNT's Practice Management features

Additional features of RXNT’s PM solution that reduce payment time, while increasing efficiency.


Secure and accessible 24/7

Automated patient reminders

Reduce no shows

Free mobile apps

Charge Capture and Scheduling for iOS and Android

Eligibility checks

Confirm insurance coverage

Electronic Remittance Advice

Receive status updates for faster payment

Central Billing Office (CBO)

Manage multiple locations from one system with single sign-on and Superbills

Online patient bill pay

Receive payment faster and improve patient convenience

Denial management

Identify reasons and create an appeal letter with pre-made templates

Telehealth-friendly scheduling

Works with any telemedicine software for easy coordination

Claim scrubbing

Two-level claim scrubbing for a 94%
claim approval rate

Seeing is believing

Schedule an online demo to see how a Practice Management system can improve your revenue and reduce your administrative burden. In just a few minutes, you’ll see how it can improve your practice’s financial health.

Used in healthcare organizations of all sizes, from small family clinics to large, multi-specialty practices—we offer flexible pricing options to make our tools accessible to almost any practice. Every product is backed by 24/7 cloud-based access, premium in-house support, and regular system upgrades.


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