Dec 11, 2015

Providers Are Not Out of the Woods From ICD-10 Transition

Alanna Diffendal  |  Updated May 24

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On October 1, 2015, the U.S. Healthcare Industry transitioned to ICD-10 coding in order to replace the 30-year old ICD-9 coding system. While we are two months into the ICD-10 conversion, it may be too early to determine the true financial impact.

An article released by Healthcare Finance News warns providers not to get comfortable with any initial flexibilities that they are experiencing from Insurance Payers. Coding reimbursable claims for ICD-10 requires providers to code at the highest level of specificity. This means there will be an increasing need for providers to learn how to code outside ‘families’ of diagnosis groupings which are considered to be non-specific. Read the full article.

Providers who rely heavily on General Equivalency Mappings (GEM’s)  can expect to have affected reimbursements until they are utilizing the coding knowledge or assistance from their Practice Management application, such as RXNT|PM, to choose ICD-10 codes  that will solidify their conversion success. RXNT has partnered with IMO to help your practice make the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 with IMO Problem (IT)™ terminology that allows user friendly searches for ICD-10 coding using familiar clinical language, including a drill-down feature to reach the highest level of specificity from a category of diagnoses and maximize reimbursement capabilities.

If your practice is beginning to recognize an impact from ICD-10, or wants to learn more about how RXNT|EHR and RXNT|PM can offer you a high quality integrated solution at a low cost, contact:  [email protected] or call 1-800-943-7968 ext. 3.

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