eRx: ePrescribing Made Available at Point of Patient Care

Electronic Prescribing

ePrescribing is the process of generating and transmitting a prescription or renewal request electronically from the point of care.

RxNT introduced one of the first cloud-based ePrescribers to the market in 1999, and has continued to offer flexible and cost-effective solutions to healthcare providers of all sizes.  Our easy-to-use eRx (ePrescriber) can be used as a standalone solution or can be fully integrated into RxNT’s EHR (electronic health record) and PM (practice management) solutions.

Free with EHR or $650 Per Provider Per Year*

Searching for an e-Prescribing solution that fits your practice isn’t easy! Download our eRx comparison charts and evaluate which Vendor’s solution is the best fit for your practice.

Electronic PrescribingElectronic Prescribing



What are Providers saying about ePrescribing with RxNT?

RxNT has an excellent complement of competent, capable, and patient staff who have made the transition to electronic prescribing and charting painless and even enjoyable.
Spencer Johnson, MD | Juspen Enterprises, Inc | Maryland – General Practice

eRx Features

RxNT eRx Features:

5X Surescripts Award Winning, Certified Application

Certified Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS)

Patient-Specific Formularies

Real-Time Patient Medication History

Electronic Connectivity to All US Retail and Mail Order Pharmacies

Electronic Prescription Renewals

Comprehensive Drug Database Updated Weekly

Drug and Allergy Interactions Based on Practitioner Severity Setting

iPhone and Android Mobile Apps

Comprehensive Reporting Module

Patient and Provider Favorite Pharmacies

User specific SIGs

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Electronic Prior Authorization

Practices spend 5-8 hours a week on the traditional Prior Authorization (PA) process and 83% of providers have prioritized to add Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) to their daily routine to eliminate the wasted time. RxNT|EHR has automated ePA to eliminate the hassle of traditional PA processing and streamline the prior authorization process to reduce time consuming tasks for physicians, pharmacies and patients.

Now with Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA), Providers will instantaneously know if a patient’s medication is authorized for distribution. RxNT|EHR and RxNT|eRx allow physicians to improve workflow, eliminate pharmacies having to fax/call doctor’s offices, and patients waiting around for prescriptions to be approved.  


ePA Benefits:

Ability to share Medication History, Formula Data, and Benefits Eligibility

Automatically syncs patients and their health plan benefits to advise which prescriptions are able to be prescribed
Automatically sends PA requests to designated PBMs

Decreases number of calls or faxes required

Decreases number of days patients wait for a PA response

Benefits of e-Prescribing

Benefits of ePrescribing:

Improve patient safety and quality of care

Save time and money

Increase patient convenience

Reduce phone calls and faxes from pharmacies

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Electronic Prescribing


Mobile and Desktop Solutions
The RxNT cloud-based system operates on several mobile devices. Each mobile device will provide unique capabilities when running the RxNT system.


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Frequently Asked Questions about RxNT eRx

Q: What is the typical client size supported by RxNT?

RxNT’s cloud-based eRx is flexible and easy-to-use, making RxNT|eRx a great solution for healthcare providers of all sizes. We have clients with more than 500 providers, and we have clients with as few as 1 or 2 providers.

Q: Why should I consider a cloud-based solution?

RxNT has been using cloud-based technology since 1999. Cloud-based solutions are more reliable, cost-effective, and require less maintenance. All product upgrades are performed with no downloading and no new hardware. Providers can access RxNT|eRx anywhere there is internet access, including mobile devices.

Q: What is the charge for training and support?

RxNT understands that users need to feel comfortable and knowledgeable when managing patient data, therefore, there is no additional charge for training and support. RxNT provides clients with online training materials (found in the “Utilities” tab). Clients can contact our Support Team with support related issues, or to schedule FREE initial, ongoing, or refresher training sessions at any time.

Q: What are your hours of support?

RxNT’s support staff is located in our headquarters in Annapolis, MD and offers live support between 9 AM and 5 PM Eastern Standard Time for all issues. 24/7 support for critical issues.

Q: Will I need more than one access point for my wireless connection?

If your wireless network needs to support more than 40 or 50 users, if your offices are spread across multiple floors, or if your office layout places some users very far away from the access point, you may need more than one access point.

Q: What if I already have a wired network?

If you already have a wired network, you do not need to replace it completely with a wireless network. Instead, you may choose to use wireless technology to expand it to conference rooms, ad hoc work areas, and new floors or areas of your office space. Extending your wired network with wireless is easy. Ask your RxNT sales representative for more information.

Q: What if I am unable to locate a medication in RxNT?

A: First, try to do a partial search of the medication by typing in the beginning 3 letters. You will be able to narrow your search down from there. If you still cannot find the medication you are searching for, within your RxNT Account go to the “Utilities” tab. Find the “Support Online Medication Reference” tab and select the drug reference utility to preform a partial search. This will tell you if there have been any changes made to the medication you are searching for by the manufacturer and if there are alternative medications.

Q: How do I prescribe a compound medication?

A: Compound medications can be set up by granting clinical administrator access to a superuser or by a provider. Within your RxNT Account, go to the “Utilities” tab and select “clinical admin tools” > “medication management” > “Add Medication”. This will allow you to set up a free text drug, assign a category (compound) and select a drug schedule for that specific medication.

Example: Assigning a controlled substance

Q: What if I get an error message on a submitted prescription? Where can I find the I.D. number?

A: Error messages in the prescription watch screen are easily fixed. From the patient watch screen, click on the patient’s name in the recent Rx record. The ID number is located on the right hand side of the screen and near the date of the prescription.

Q: I have activated my token but there is a warning message showing. How do I get rid of this?

A: Ensure that you have contacted an RxNT Team Member to activate your token. The account must update overnight before you can begin to utilize your token.

Q: I found the pharmacy that I want to send a prescription to but what do I do now?

A: Click on the pharmacy name that you would like to send a prescription to in order to proceed to the next screen. Make sure you click directly on the pharmacy and not the box to the left as this is only to add or remove pharmacies.

Q: How do I write more than one prescription for a patient?

A: Once you are on the prescription edit screen and have already entered one script, you can either click “continue” to submit a prescription or “add medication” to add another script. After clicking “add medication”, you will be taken back to the med search screen to start the process again for a new script. Repeat this step for as many additional scripts you are looking to prescribe in that session.

Q: How can I run a report to view a list of patients?

A: Within your RxNT Account, navigate to the “Utilities” tab. Select “reports” > “EHR Reports” > report #3 “Generate Patient List”. Enter additional filter criteria as necessary within the fields on the screen. When you are ready to view all that fit your selected qualifications, select “generate”.

Q: How do I prescribe supplies and DME products?

A: Go to the “Utilities” tab in your RxNT Account. Select “Drug Reference” and conduct a partial search for a reference.

Example: If you are looking for a knee brace, enter knee in the search field. Then select “Knee Brace” (you can type in a specific brand). A list will populate and you will be able to see how to prescribe the desired knee brace.

Q: What is LD 1646?

An Act to prevent opiate abuse by strengthening the controlled substances prescription monitoring program

Q: Why was this legislation created?

Since approximately 75% of heroin addicts start with prescription opioid medication, Governor LePage believes this legislation will control the flow of medications within the community.

Q: Although I understand the motivation of the law, does anyone else support it?

Yes. Maine Medical Association, Maine Nurse Practitioner Association, Maine Osteopathic Associate, Maine Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company, Maine Chiefs of Police Association, and more.

Q: What are the main requirements of the law?

  • Submit opioid prescriptions electronically beginning July, 2017
  • Participation in the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)
  • Limits for the strength and duration of opioid prescriptions

For more information, please visit RxNT’s Maine ePrescribing Mandate Information

*See Pricing for More Details

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