Mar 17, 2016

FHIR Set to Change Healthcare’s Future

Alanna Diffendal   |   Updated June 28   |  Reading time: < 1 minute

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Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is a phrase flooding the healthcare IT world. The goal of this new technology is to broaden data capturing and sharing capabilities and gradually replace HL7 standards to drive the exchange of data information across organizational boundaries.

At the 2016 HIMSS conference in Las Vegas, FHIR made a huge advancement when National coordinator Karen DeSalvo, MD announced a $625,000 challenge for development of software apps to make a FHIR-Apps available. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) is jumping onboard to potentially fund the development of the App store as well.

FHIR will aim to interlace all patient information virtually. Although it will be years before systems can successfully exchange all information, the road has been put in place and is paving the way in which the Healthcare Industry is headed. FHIR promotes the idea of interoperability across multiple solutions rather than in just stand-alone versions. Corey Waller, Medical Director at the Spectrum Center for Integrative Medicine, envisions interoperability effectively changing medical data into the future as, “looking at patient records relative to a particular geography to know in which neighborhood to set up, say, an addiction clinic.”

As FHIR presents the healthcare industry with the advanced opportunity to capture data to increase productivity and data sharing in multiple systems, RXNT has stayed ahead of the curve with implementing newer methods of data capturing and sharing. RXNT|EHR, RXNT|PM, and RXNT|eRx have interoperability between all three of its platforms.

If you are ready to get ahead of technology changes and are ready to streamline your workflow to an all-in-one solution, contact us at 1-800-943-7968 Option 3, email us at [email protected] or request a free demo!

Learn more about FHIR, the hottest topic at HIMSS16, sets stage for population health.

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