Mar 18, 2016

E-Prescribing: Welcoming An Old Friend into New York

Alanna Diffendal  |  Updated May 17

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In less than two weeks, New York will require all prescriptions to be written electronically and transmitted to pharmacies with few exceptional cases. Understandably, physicians are focused on the fact that compliance is a duty, and not a right, but their focus will likely change as they get used to e-Prescribing and realize its plethora of benefits.

New York’s shift to e-Prescribing is rooted from the 2012 state law designed to curtail the growing problem of prescription opioid abuse, which now plagues many states in the U.S. today, making this a nationwide problem. At the very least, e-Prescribing should reduce prescription fraud and errors. People will no longer be able to modify a prescription by changing the number of pain pills ordered,nor will physicians be at risk of having their prescription pad stolen. Also, prescriptions will actually be legible for pharmacists, reducing errors. There are many other advantages to e-Prescribing. Physicians can prescribe medications for patients when outside of the office, which could be extremely helpful in emergency situations. Physicians also have more information at their fingertips when prescribing, which helps them write scripts efficiently and effectively. They have access to comprehensive databases for medications, pharmacies and formularies. With a patient’s prior consent, they can also access data about a patient’s medication history.

It’s only a matter of time before other states follow New York’s lead and eventually, physicians will accept and be thankful for the transition. I believe Silvia Cota, a nurse supervisor in the emergency room at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan got it right in her recent quote picked up in the New York Times article entitled “The End of Prescriptions as We Know Them in New York.” She told her nurses, “It really is not a complicated thing. We just have to get used to it.”

RXNT has made user-friendly, cost effective e-Prescribing solution available to physicians for over 16 years. RXNT|eRx is a certified, award-winning and recognized as one of the best in practice. We are cloud-based and offer the ability for physicians to prescribe controlled substances. If you are part of the 40 percent of NY’s roughly 100,000 prescribers who are not yet sending prescriptions electronically, let us help you avoid penalties with RXNT|eRx and realize the benefits of e-Prescribing.

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