Mar 24, 2017

E-prescribing Reduces Diabetes-Related Adverse Drug Events

Alanna Diffendal   |   Updated May 24   |  Reading time: < 1 minute

A person pricks their finger to test their blood sugar
According to research published in Medical Care, the use of electronic prescriptions with diabetes patients is associated with positive patient outcomes.  In the observational study, researchers found that the use of e-prescribing is associated with hospitalization or emergency department (ED) visits for hypoglycemia or diabetes-related adverse drug events.  In the study, a group of 3.1 million Medicare Part D enrolled beneficiaries older than age 66 with diabetes and at least 90 days of anti-diabetic medications were examined. They found that diabetes patients with more than 75% of their medications prescribed electronically had 21 adverse drug events per 1,000 Medicare Part D beneficiaries.  Beneficiaries with lower e-prescribing levels had significantly higher numbers of adverse drug events.  Authors found a ‘robust association between the greater use of electronic prescriptions in the outpatient setting and the lower risk of an inpatient or ED visit for an adverse drug among Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes in their adjusted analysis.’  The study was funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

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