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We’re a 4x Inc. 5000 honoree!   READ →


Patient Engagement

The Benefits of Cloud Solutions in Healthcare

Rapidly advancing technology has changed the game for nearly all industries. The healthcare industry...
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RXNT Earns 2015 Edition Certification for its EHR Solution

Providing logical practice workflows and robust functionality to customers at a reasonable price, RXNT...
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Cloud-based Solutions – Taking Medical Documentation to the Next Level

Server-based solutions – your time has come to an end. Step aside. Cloud-based solutions...
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Medication Adherence within RXNT

How many times has a patient entered your office and told you they have...
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Six Ingredients for a Successful Implementation

According to the CDC, 86.9% of U.S. based physicians are using an electronic health...
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International Overdose Awareness Day – Aug. 31st

 Twenty years ago, the opioid epidemic was something that not many dealt with on...
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Navigating Acronyms

Acronym [ak-ruh-nim] noun: a word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters...
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Top 30 Most Influential Entrepreneurs of 2017 – Randy Boldyga

RXNT’s Founder, President, and CEO, Randy Boldyga has been selected for the cover and...
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10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies in 2017

The Silicon Review, a news source focused on leadership, business, technology and news, announced...
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Electronic Health Records – Is Your EHR Right For You?

Healthcare technology is becoming widely adopted by Physicians across the country. In January 2016,...
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3 Benefits of Automated Patient Appointment Reminders

Patient appointment reminders may not appear to be a vital component of a small...
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Patient Reminders: Helping the Patient and the Practice

Imagine saving hundreds of man hours within your practice. Through the adoption of EMR...
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