Quality Associates, Inc. (QAI)

Key Features

  • Day forward capture solutions
  • Scanning hardware and software
  • Professional services for installation and training
  • Post-implementation support
  • Back-file conversions
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Quality Associates, Inc. (QAI) provides enterprise-class, end-to-end services and solutions for document management, imaging and records management. As an RxNT partner, QAI empowers clients by providing the tools for transforming paper-based healthcare records into electronic formats and stores them within RxNT|EHR solution. With QAI’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) day forward capture solution, training and support services, RxNT clients are able to scan files, and index them into RxNT’s cloud-based EHR system for easy search, retrieval and management. As a result, healthcare organizations can operate more efficiently, better serve patients and comply with industry standards.

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