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RxNT|EHR is an ONC-Certified electronic health record solution offering a full-range of features and benefits. It is intuitively designed to make administering care for your patients simpler. RxNT|EHR is cloud-based, customizable, and integrated with RxNT|PM (practice management). With RxNT, your practice is covered every step of the way.

Electronic Health Records can take your practice paperless! Download our EHR comparison charts and evaluate which Vendor’s solution is the best fit for your practice.

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$85 Per Provider Per Month ($120 discount for paying annually)*

Our Patient Encounter module is customized for your practice. Choose from one of our pre-loaded, ONC-certified specialty specific templates or create one specific to your practice. With RxNT|EHR, you can begin charting right away!


Charting with RxNT|EHR provides simple and efficient workflows that will be welcomed by you and your staff, allowing you to focus on the patient and not become distracted with tricky software.

Charting Features:

Easily update and add patient data regarding allergies, family history, vitals and immunizations

Medication Management for Adherence through Surescripts

Track and update information on procedures that have been performed to-date

Conveniently upload patient documents, paper charts, test results & x-rays

Quickly access up to 2 years of patient claims for a comprehensive prescription history

Easily access older encounters

Organize incoming and outgoing fax documents

Electronic Prior Authorization

Practices spend 5-8 hours a week on the traditional Prior Authorization (PA) process and 83% of providers have prioritized to add Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) to their daily routine to eliminate the wasted time. RxNT|EHR has automated ePA to eliminate the hassle of traditional PA processing and streamline the prior authorization process to reduce time consuming tasks for physicians, pharmacies and patients.

Now with Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA), Providers will instantaneously know if a patient’s medication is authorized for distribution. RxNT|EHR and RxNT|eRx allow physicians to improve workflow, eliminate pharmacies having to fax/call doctor’s offices, and patients waiting around for prescriptions to be approved.  


ePA Benefits:

Ability to share Medication History, Formula Data, and Benefits Eligibility

Automatically syncs patients and their health plan benefits to advise which prescriptions are able to be prescribed
Automatically sends PA requests to designated PBMs

Decreases number of calls or faxes required

Decreases number of days patients wait for a PA response

Electronic Prescribing

RxNT|EHR has a fully integrated ePrescribing solution which is 5x Surescripts Award Winning and Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) certified. E-Prescribing within RxNT|EHR further streamlines workflow, with all of the features needed to make the prescription process convenient for you and your patients.

Electronic Prescribing Features:

Patient-specific formularies

Real-time patient medication history

Electronic connectivity to all US retail and mail order pharmacies

Electronic prescription renewals

Comprehensive drug database updated weekly

Drug and allergy interactions based on practitioner severity setting

Comprehensive reporting module

Patient and provider favorite pharmacies

Prescriber specific SIGs

App available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices

Lab Results and Orders

Automate inefficient, paper-based processes with RxNT|EHR’s lab service by transmitting lab orders and results electronically. Our solution eliminates a manual process and provides you with faster, more streamlined workflow, expediting lab orders and results for your patients.

Lab Results and Orders Features:

Securely create and send lab orders to participating labs

Electronically receive results from participating labs

Automatically associate lab results with the appropriate patient

Provide lab results conveniently to the patient via RxNT’s Patient Portal


Improve patient satisfaction by better managing time and patient flow with RxNT’s scheduler features. RxNT|EHR’s scheduler is flexible, integrated, and provides a full lineup of features to simplify your practice’s day-to-day processes, saving you time and money.

Scheduler Features:

Manage unlimited providers, rooms, and equipment

Manage and view the schedule for one or multiple locations

Quick and easy recurring appointment entry

Direct payment entry, appointment receipt, and invoice/payment receipt

Attach notes to specific appointments

Detailed record of attendance, non-attendances, and services provided

Integrated patient insurance eligibility

Appointment email, telephone, and SMS reminders

Patient self-registration, check-in, and payment using secure iPad technology

Patient Portal

Improve communication between your practice and your patients using RxNT|EHR’s secure patient portal.

Patient Portal Features:

Quick and intuitive access to your patient’s medical record

Customize preferred communication method (email, phone, or text)

Secure communication

Streamline bill pay options

Easy access to schedule appointments online

Access to a patient health library and health related articles

Easily review test results

Improve patient safety

Efficiently streamline your lab orders and results process

Task Manager

Task management is made easy with RxNT|EHR, allowing you to set priorities, ensure task completion, and streamline the day-to-day workflow of your practice.

Task Manager Features:

Assign tasks easily to any user in your practice (check-box selection)

Efficiently assign task priority settings (High, Medium, and Low)

Easily set completion dates for each task

Manage a chronological list of open tasks assigned by and to you

Quickly navigate priorities with ease

Streamline user tasks


Enhance the quality of care for your patients by quickly and securely generating patient referrals directly from RxNT|EHR using information already stored in the patient chart.

Referrals Features:

Generate and record patient referrals easily

Track and recall referrals from the patient’s profile

Effortlessly send referrals to any provider or institution

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