Nov 10, 2016

Electronic Health Records – Is Your EHR Right For You?

Maxfield Rodriguez   |   Updated June 28   |  Reading time: 2 minutes

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Healthcare technology is becoming widely adopted by Physicians across the country. In January 2016, 59% of providers reported using an EHR (Electronic Health Records). With adoption increasing year-over-year and the flood of EHR’s to choose from, it’s become a daunting task for a Physician to select what’s right for them. At the utmost importance, a Physician should consider HIT (Health Information Technology) certified EHR to avoid any CMS penalties (if eligible). According to, there are three key elements to help a Physician with their search:

  • Understand if and how a vendor’s product will accomplish the key goals of the practice. Essentially, a test drive of your specific needs with the vendor’s product. Provide the vendor with patient and office scenarios that they may use to customize their product demonstration.
  • Clarify start-up pricing before selecting an EHR system (hardware, software, maintenance and upgrade costs, option of phased payments, interfaces for labs and pharmacies, cost to connect to health information exchange (HIE), customized quality reports)
  • Define implementation support (amount, schedule, information on trainer(s) such as their communication efficiency and experience with product and company)

RXNT delivers a flexible, certified EHR that can help a practice meet their specific needs. Whether this is through our customizable scheduling solution, or EHR. Specifically, RXNT lets a Physician customize tabs within a patient’s profile. This can help reduce the visual noise, allowing a Physician to focus on what’s most important, the care of the patient without having to waste time clicking around. Secondly, RXNT is cloud-based, making it versatile to operate on the Physician’s existing hardware. All Physicians get the same great experience because upgrades are included, allowing everyone to operate on the latest version. Lastly, RXNT is upfront when it comes to defining support and training. It’s an all-inclusive model, where its included within the per Provider license fee.

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