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[Update] iOS e-Prescribing Application

October 25, 2016

RXNT today released an updated version of the already popular EPCS-certified iOS application for e-Prescribing controlled and non-controlled substances. The updated app allows doctors to mimic the same functionalities that RXNT’s desktop eRx software has, on their smart phone.

RXNT’s updated iOS ePrescribing application boasts:

  • Improved look and easier to use
  • Improved patient and medication search capability
  • Reduction of clicks
  • Improved feature functionality such as “Add Patient”
  • Prescription search within the favorites section

RXNT’s iOS app can be downloaded from the Apple Store free of charge to e-Prescribing customers. Don’t have an RXNT solution? Request a demonstration with one of our product specialists today by clicking the button below!

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