Mar 30, 2017

[Update] Healthcare Technology: The Financial Impact in 2019

Alanna Diffendal   |   Updated June 28   |  Reading time: 2 minutes

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As the importance of healthcare technology utilization continues to gain momentum, ambulatory practices are becoming increasingly aware of the financial impact healthcare technology is having on their practice. Physicians and their practices are gearing up to avoid negative reimbursement adjustments in 2019 by navigating through the latest set of MACRA requirements, while federally mandated ICD-10 requirements are still expected to impact practices’ bottom line. With uncertain revenue outcomes, some healthcare practices are hesitant to invest in healthcare technology solutions notorious for raising prices and long term financial commitments, while other practices are already experiencing the increasing financial burden of the healthcare technology solution they chose.

Many systems boast expensive electronic health record and practice management solutions with steep implementation costs and ongoing maintenance and training fees. While these pricing models reflect an outdated way of doing business in the healthcare industry, the high cost to practices continues to serve as a barrier to adoption of technology that can promote quality assurance for coordination of care, ensure HIPAA compliance, protect patient health information, and improve patient safety and quality of care.

Fortunately, cloud-based technology has opened the doors to affordable and effective healthcare technology. Practices no longer have to host bulky systems at their location or pay for expensive updates. Cloud-based technology allows for mass imports of patient data, real-time updates, and live online training, saving practices time and money.

RXNT has feature-rich, cloud-based electronic health record, e-prescribing and practice management solutions in the marketplace which are offered under a simple price structure that includes software updates and fixes, initial and ongoing training, and support. This means there are no additional startup costs or expensive clearinghouse fees associated with implementing RXNT. For as little as $230 per provider per month, practices can have full access to our full suite of products: a robust practice management system with all the features needed to manage medical billing and scheduling including access to a fully-integrated electronic health record solution with built-in e-prescribing functionality.

Not only are our costs affordable, but RXNT has thoughtfully and deliberately created solutions utilizing the fastest and most reliable data structures and programming languages in the industry, allowing for remarkably customizable solutions that can keep up with the ever changing healthcare industry. Our solutions meet the requirements set forth by MACRA and help providers enter payable billing codes using familiar clinical language, making it easy for providers to avoid a 4% negative adjustment in 2019 and adapt to the ICD-10 reimbursement regulations.

At RXNT, we believe that promoting quality assurance for coordination of care, ensuring HIPAA compliance, protecting patient health information, and improving patient safety and quality of care should be affordable and obtainable by all practices. This is why we are committed to providing quality solutions to our practices and continually adapting to the ever changing, ever increasing requirements put on physicians.

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