May 16, 2024

Takeaways from the 2024 DoD/VA & Government HealthIT Summit

Maxfield Rodriguez   |   Updated May 22   |  Reading time: 3 minutes

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On May 1st and 2nd, our team attended the 2024 DoD/VA & Government HIT Summit, the 26th annual event focused on the intersection of healthcare and technology within the U.S. defense and veterans’ sectors. Hosted by the Defense Strategies Institute (DSI), the event provided a packed two days of speakers, education, and networking.

The gathering typically addresses the latest developments, challenges, and innovations dominating the conversation in healthcare technology. Attendees include government officials, industry leaders, healthcare providers, and IT professionals, all of whom share the crucial goal of improving health services for our military personnel and veterans.

In this recap, I’ll break down two of the trending topics I saw at this year’s conference and what they might mean for the industry overall.

Using Tech to Improve Care

In March of 2024, the DoD and VA fully launched their new joint EHR, MHS Genesis. This significant upgrade to their interoperability has led professionals to explore even more avenues through which technology might streamline complex processes.

Just as the broader civilian healthcare industry has become increasingly curious about next-generation technologies, those providing care to servicemembers have begun exploring the untapped potential of telehealth services, wearable technology, and artificial intelligence. Although adoption of those innovations will take time, they’ll soon become a more common part of the care experience for civilians and service members alike.

The Challenge of Tech Adoption

Adopting technology, from analyzing its challenges to finding strategies for improving it, was a key topic at this year’s event. Whether an organization is integrating new systems with existing legacy systems, ensuring data standardization, or addressing cybersecurity concerns to protect sensitive health information, a variety of complex factors can make a technical adoption process lengthen to months and years.

User acceptance is another critical component of adoption that relies on vendors and developers almost as much as the organization itself. Building trust by providing accessible, intuitive, and user-friendly solutions is crucial. Change is always difficult, and encouraging full education on and adoption of new technology requires strategic planning, continuous training, and a focus on both the technical and human elements at play.

The Importance of a Reliable Software Partner

When implementing essential medical tools like EHR and E-Prescribing, it’s key to establish a reliable partnership with your software provider. We heard from attendees and speakers alike about the importance of working with a partner that will accommodate your custom needs, that can be trusted to prioritize your organization’s success, and that prioritizes keeping their software up-to-date and easy to use.  

Opting for less reputable partners, a custom third-party solution, or building software entirely in-house can lead to issues with interoperability between different systems, creating headaches during implementation and potentially driving up costs in the long run. By choosing a dependable partner with a proven track record, healthcare organizations can guarantee a smooth experience for both their providers and patients. 

Left: Tom Collinson, EVP of Business Development with client Ermie Herring, Director of Medical Informatics, U.S. Department of State. Right: Maxfield Rodriguez, National Sales Director

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What is the DoD/VA & Government HIT Summit?

Defense Strategies Institute’s Spring 2024 DoD/VA & Government HIT Summit is designed as a nonpartisan, educational, and training ” Town Hall-Style” summit that offers a full-spectrum view on recent efforts and future strategies to advance innovative health information technologies, capabilities, and solutions that improve the delivery and quality of Veteran/Active-Duty healthcare.

Learn more on their website.

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