Jun 8, 2016

The Days of Phone Tag Are Over!

Alanna Diffendal   |   Updated December 15   |  Reading time: 2 minutes

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Whether you’re scheduling for multiple offices with dozens of physicians or for a solo practitioner, you are going to desire an efficient and reliable solution so that you are able to  spend more time with patients. Maintaining an electronic scheduler enables any practice to manage the essential duties of an office all within one solution such as booking new patients, setting appointments, running eligibility verification, and sending appointment reminders. Electronic Schedulers, such as RXNT eliminates the inconvenience of having to flip through pages and deciphering smudged ink or penciled-in notes.

RXNT|Scheduler can also be customized both per practice and per user for the most efficient workflow. You can view multi-physician and multi-office schedules by day, week or month to avoid any scheduling conflicts. Additionally, you can color code specific appointments types, such as a new patient visit or an annual follow up that reflects the business hours you have set. Appointments can also be customized for multiple resources such as nurses, therapists, x-ray/exam/treatment rooms. Another beneficial feature is patient reminders. Patient reminders can be sent via email, text or phone call to prevent any missed or late appointments.

In order to insure payment collection, it is important that a patient is covered by insurance. With RXNT’s Scheduler, physicians can run a real-time eligibility check not only at the time of the visit, but also when scheduling an appointment. This process minimizes any delayed payments or last minute cancellations. All patient information is automatically stored in their respective  account, deterring any insurance disputes later on.

There is no secret that, as a nation, we are always on the go and want instant access at all times. You can now sync your google calendar to your RXNT Scheduler for the ultimate convenience! Our scheduler can be utilized as a stand-alone solution, or RXNT offers fully integrated EHR, PM and e-Prescribing solutions that enable physicians to streamline their workflow. To learn more about the benefits of RXNT’s solutions for your practice, contact us at 800-943-7968 Option 3 or email us at [email protected].

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