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Risk Reducer Quiz

Are your safeguards securely in place?

Our quick security quiz can help you!

In 2019, over 41 million patient records were breached, triple the number in 2018. From 2010 to 2018, malpractice suits attributed to electronic health records increased by more than 300%.


Take the security quiz!

Could your practice be at risk for these or other threats? How well do you know the software features that will protect your data, patients, business, and finances?

Take this short quiz if you’re shopping for new Practice Management (including Billing and Scheduling tools), Electronic Health Records (EHR) with Patient Portal, or Electronic Prescribing (eRx) solutions, or planning to upgrade your current systems. Then use it as a checklist to identify any security gaps of the software you might be considering.

Question 1.

What certification ensures your EHR satisfies the required standards to achieve meaningful use and qualify for Quality Payment Program financial incentives?

           The 2010 Patient Protection           and Affordable Care Act

The 2015 Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology certification

            Reasonable and Customary           Pricing certification

            Centers for Medicare and            Medicaid Services registry

Question 2.

What data storage offers the greatest level of software security and allows security patches to be added quickly and frequently?

Multi-factor authentication



Hard drives

Question 3.

Why is SOC 2, Type II the most preferred certification for protecting against security breaches?

It is the most comprehensive certification within System and Organization Controls protocol

             It’s issued by independent            third-party auditors

It covers areas of security, availability, confidentiality, and privacy

All of the above

Question 4.

How can your practice use healthcare software to avoid violating HIPAA?

   Share protected health information   with a third-party billing company

Allow patients to download and e-sign HIPAA-consent forms for secure filing

Access to a patient portal without a username and password

Forgo signing a Business Associate Agreement with the software vendor

Question 5.

What EHR functionality must-have will help prevent malpractice suits?

Workflows designed for accurate recording of patient charts, notes, medical and prescription history, lab and diagnostic test results

Having real-time access to patient information at the time of care

Being able to share information digitally with other providers and specialists

All of the above

Question 6.

What are the benefits of software that has automated alerts and cross-checks for drug-to-drug, drug-to-allergy, drug-to-demographic, and drug-to-condition interactions?

            It prevents overcharging              at the pharmacy

It promotes generic medications

It prevents adverse drug effects

              It eliminates the need for               prior authorization

Question 7.

How do practices avoid data duplication and transcription errors?

Systems integration


Patient portals

Annual audits

Question 8.

User errors are attributed to 63% of EHR-related malpractice claims. How can this be avoided?

Comprehensive training

Ongoing customer support

Intuitive functionality

All of the above

How did you do? No matter how many you got right, we hope you have a better understanding of the features that will help protect what matters to your practice. 

RXNT’s digital solutions check every box above.

If you’re looking for software that satisfies your high standards for safety and security, let’s talk. A brief, live demo will show you how our integrated products protect your business, patients, and most of all your peace of mind.

Ready to get started?

Every budget-friendly solution is available as a-la-carte software or a fully-integrated suite of products. Contact us directly or request a free, no-pressure demonstration today!

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