White Paper: Understanding the Top Challenges of Prescribing Specialty Medications

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The Top Challenges of Specialty Medication Prescriptions

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Understanding the Top Challenges of Prescribing Specialty Meds

The growth rate of specialty medications has been exponential in the United States, estimated to make up 50% of the nation’s spend on prescription drugs in 2021.

As more specialty drugs enter the market, prescribers can set their patients up for success by ensuring access to critical information at the time of prescription. Key to this success is an understanding of the driving forces behind the market’s growth, common barriers and obstacles for prescribers, and ways to overcome those hurdles for better patient results.

What's covered in this guide?

  • The fast rise of the specialty drug market

    Quick increases can be pinned on chronic diseases & government mandates.

  • Why are specialty medications so expensive?

    Longer development and higher costs than non-specialty medications.

  • Complexities of prescribing, dispensing, and managing

    Easy access to coverage, benefits, and potential medication costs is required.

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