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Since 1999, we've built innovative, cost-effective, cloud-based healthcare software that helps practices of all sizes and specialties achieve better clinical, financial, and operational results. Check out authentic customer success stories from established organizations, and see what RXNT can do for your practice.

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Cut reimbursement time in half

Mountain View Medical Billing founder Robin Scott-Tripp launched her company in 2011 with a focus on family practice, mental health, and physical therapy clients. After an exhaustive 5-month search, she selected RXNT’s cloud-based Medical Billing solution for her business.


Increased patient growth by 300%

In 2019, KC Family Hope Center switched from its previous software vendor and implemented RXNT’s Full Suite system for a fully-integrated solution. Through the efficiencies achieved, the practice has reduced administrative tasks and increased patient visits by 300%! 


Expanded patient time by over 25%

In 2013, Dr. Jacob Goldberg discovered RXNT’s cloud-based Electronic Health Records and E-Prescribing software. Since then, Dr. Goldberg has lead to a surge in productivity and flexibility, and greatly reduced the time spent on writing, copying, and filing prescriptions manually.

“It feels like RXNT was made for our practice...like RXNT is customizing the solution just for us. The system is very user-friendly. Before RXNT, we were throwing our money away."

Karen Casseday

MN, PMHP-BC, ARNP - KC Family Hope

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