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Getting Up to Code: 5 Takeaways from the AMA 2023 E/M Code Set Changes

Just two years after releasing the first major overhaul of the Current Procedural Technology...
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Creating a Revenue Cycle Management Powerhouse for Your Medical Practice

Let’s face it: most physicians would rather spend their time working with patients than...
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Understanding the Top 4 Challenges Impacting Medical Billing for Practices

Medical billing presents several challenges that can affect the financial health of your practice....
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What Is a Relative Value Unit and How Is It Calculated?

A relative value unit (RVU) is used by Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial health insurance...
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mHealth Technology Puts Patient Care in the Palm of Your Hand

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a swift integration between our virtual and physical...
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Keep Current with Coronavirus Billing Codes

The COVID-19 pandemic journey often feels like a real-life Netflix series, complete with twisty...
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