Quanum® Practice Solutions vs. RXNT Software

Impacted by the Quanum® Practice Solutions Sunset?
RXNT Can Help!

Are you looking for alternative software to the Quest suite (formerly Care360) of Electronic Health Records, E-Prescribing, Practice Management, and RCM software after it was discontinued in 2023? RXNT's system is integrated, customizable, and affordable. We offer a comprehensive and high-quality replacement to Quanum® Practice Solutions!

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Quest Diagnostics has discontinued Quanum® Practice Solutions (formerly known as Care360) as of the end of 2023. This impacted multiple products in the Quanum suite, including Quanum Electronic Health Records (EHR), Quanum Electronic Prescribing (ePre), Quanum Practice Management (PM), and Quanum Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software, of which the Quanum EHR and Quanum ePre solutions have been shut down entirely. What do current Quest customers need to know?

How do you find a Quanum replacement?

Finding and transitioning to a Quest Quanum replacement can be challenging. Some Quest customers have used the Quanum suite of EHR, ERX, RCM, and Practice Management systems for over a decade. It's important to find a replacement that meets all of your needs and makes the onboarding process easy.

RXNT will help you make the switch as quick and seamless as possible. Plus, our platform is affordable, integrated, intuitive, and easy to learn quickly. Better yet, we'll provide a training period and free-forever support for your entire team to make sure Quanum's sunset has a minimal impact on your practice.

How do Quanum vs. RXNT Compare?

Join the former Quanum
customers who’ve chosen RXNT

We've successfully onboarded multiple former Quanum® Practice Solutions customers, so we have the expertise to make it fast and easy for your practice, too. With a software solution from RXNT, you'll get get:

Free Data Transfer

Complimentary data transfer so all of your info is secure and available

Onboarding Coach

A dedicated onboarding coach to help make your transition seamless

Personalized Training

Custom training for your entire team to get everyone up-to-speed

Quanum EHR Replacement

Streamlined Clinical
EHR & EMR Software

Keep all your patient data organized with one secure, interoperable system that will make your practice more efficient, leaving plenty of time to focus on patient care. Our software offers all the same cloud-based functionalities of Quanum’s EHR, plus more. Telehealth-friendly, mobile optimized, customizable to your needs, and perfect for practices of any size.

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Quanum ePre Replacement

Easier, Safer Electronic Prescribing With EPCS

Deliver critical medications to your patients faster with our EPCS-certified solution that was named Best Overall E-Prescribing Software (2023) by Forbes Advisor. RXNT was an early trailblazer in e-prescribing, and our platform remains one of the industry’s best; it’s secure, works from almost any device, and automatically checks for errors, allergies, and drug interactions to keep your patients safe.

“[RXNT] is clean, it’s streamlined, and it takes a lot of the guesswork out of what we do.”

Liz Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Quanum PM Replacement

Tools to Manage Your Practice Operations

Manage your practice’s operations through one simple, integrated solution designed to work for every kind of ambulatory medical provider. From practice scheduling and patient reminders to medical billing and claims management, all the administrative tools you need are just a click or tap away. Integrates seamlessly with our other solutions to let you track financial records, generate custom reports, and make informed decisions to help grow your practice.

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Quanum RCM Replacement

Better Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

Save time and money with an intuitive billing system that makes your financial workflows a breeze. We offer all the essentials found in Quanum’s RCM product and more, like integrated clearinghouse services and seamless patient record and scheduling connectivity. From customizable advanced reporting and analytics to intelligent claim scrubbing and eligibility checks, billers can use RXNT to improve their revenue cycle and get paid faster.

Ready to improve your practice?

See why our integrated, award-winning healthcare software is the right fit for your medical practice! Since 1999, we've developed certified, cloud-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) with Patient Portal, E-Prescribing (eRx), and Practice Management with Medical Billing and Scheduling.

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