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Medical Billing Services: Three Features You Need to Consider in Purchasing Billing Software

March 15, 2017

Being able to maintain a healthy cash flow for your practice clients can make or break your business. Selecting the right billing software can ensure you bill accurately and are able to resolve errors and rejections more efficiently. When searching for a new billing software, a billing service should be sure the billing software has the following three features:

Centralized Billing Office (CBO) Functionality

With a single login, you are able to manage all of your practice clients and run performance reports for each of them. You can also run performance reports for your practice clients overall.

Scheduling for Your Practice Clients

A friendly front-end scheduler that your practice clients can use to enter patient information and insurance information you (as their biller) can access. It’s also a great way for the practices to run real-time insurance eligibility checking, validating whether the patients visits will be covered. An integrated scheduler can serve as the vehicle in sharing superbills, helping reduce faxes or emails with the practices you serve.

Code Scrubbing

A user-friendly cross-walk that will map ICD-9 or descriptive keywords to the most appropriate ICD-10 that you should be billing for, taking the complexity out of choosing the right code.

Choosing the right billing software for your organization should not be a burden. We work with hundreds of medical billing companies, like yours, that use our practice management solution (PM) to maintain a healthy cash flow for their clients. If you would like to learn more about the features outlined or other all the features of our best-in-breed practice management solution (RXNT|PM), please call us at 800-943-7968 option 3, email us at sales@rxnt.com, or request a demo by clicking the button below!

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