Oct 12, 2017

Practice Management: Does Your Reporting Do This…

Updated June 24, 2021  |  Published October 12, 2017 by Alanna Diffendal

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RXNT|practice management’s cloud-based practice management solution helps practices and billing services manage their financials electronically. Project management solutions include the ability to send and receive claims, control medical billing/collections and even capture charges. Reporting on this data is the crux to any great billing software! This can all be achieved through RXNT’s robust reporting features located within the workflow as well as in our reports module.


Workflow Reporting

RXNT allows a client to run the desired report on demand, from anywhere right within the workflow. This maximizes productivity by allowing the user to stay on their current task. Workflow reporting is fully customizable, allowing clients to filter specific search values. Running reports can be repetitious, which is why RXNT created a “favorite reports” list so clients do not need to run the same searches each time. Another convenient feature is the ability to export all reports into both PDF or Excel files.

Reports Module

A formal reporting module offers a set list of reports. Each report is fully customizable by search values and the output is an interactive, detailed report. Clients can expand menus to drill-down on specific values. Some reports can be automated to run on certain days, weeks, months, etc.

Three specific reports to highlight within the reports module:

  • Transaction Journal – An all-encompassing report of every financial input and output from the system. The report can be customized to certain time periods.
  • Aging Report – Although most billing software offers an aging report, RXNT|practice management offers some truly unique features. From the report, client’s can not only work the aging, but resubmit claims, add payments, and keep track of notes associated with unpaid claims. All of this can be performed in the report.
  • Charge Revenue A comprehensive list of all charge codes, what’s been charged, written off, adjusted, outstanding, and what’s been paid.

Similar to the workflow reporting feature, all reports can be exported to both PDF and/or Excel. Favorite or frequently used reports can be set up as well.

We invite you to see RXNT’s medical billing solution live. Call us at 800-943-7968 option 3, email us at sales@rxnt.com, or request a demo by clicking the “Learn More” button below!

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