May 12, 2016

Do Patients Want Access to Their Health Records?

Maxfield Rodriguez  |  Updated June 28

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As Physicians adopt EHR (electronic health record) technology, patients are becoming more engaged with their personal health. Patient Portals, when integrated with an EHR like RXNT can enhance the Patient-Provider experience.  In a world of on-demand technology, a patient can sign in from their mobile device and view their PHR (personal health record) from anywhere. This can include lab results, medications, allergies, and more.

According to Rock Health’s Digital Health Consumer Adoption Survey, 24% of respondents had either asked for or downloaded their personal health information. Additionally, 63% of respondents who had not yet done so were interested in obtaining their PHR information. With digital health on the rise, patients are taking an interest in tracking their health and wellness.

Many Electronic Health Records software-including RXNT’s EHR-offer an engagement portal, allowing the Patient and Provider to interact and securely send messages to each other. True patient engagement requires much more than just a webpage. The patient and the Provider must share an interest in the patient’s wellbeing through regular interaction. RXNT allows a Provider to share PHR with patients as well as other Providers and institutions through RXNT’s HIPAA secure Direct Email.

If you are interested in learning more about the RXNT’s Patient Engagement Portal or secure Direct Email, schedule a quick demonstration, call a customer advisor at (800) 943-7968 option 3 or email us at [email protected].

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