Feb 2, 2017

MIPS: Will Your Vendor Help You?

Alanna Diffendal   |   Updated May 24   |  Reading time: 1 minute


After the excitement of ringing in the New Year dies down, the reality sets in that with the new year, there is new enacted legislation which has been looming over physician’s heads for months. MACRA, is ready for 2017, but are you? Better yet, is your Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendor ready for MACRA?

It’s safe to say that MACRA is a complex program to grasp and is tedious to meet all the requirements for physicians to receive incentives. Pat Wise, VP of HIMSS, emphasizes the importance of an EHR vendor being capable of helping physicians understand the blueprint of MACRA programs, including the seriousness of accuracy in Healthcare finance’s article.

Eligible Providers should be considering if their EHR vendor will help them with MIPS, and that the vendor isn’t making promises that they cannot keep. Expensive EHR companies are claiming that they will guarantee their providers the highest positive performance threshold to receive maximum reimbursements. That sounds great to someone whose knowledge just skims the surface of MIPS, but it should alarm you. There is no way that a vendor can guarantee the maximum positive performance score. Yes, they can give you all the tools to meet it, however it is still up to the practice to put in the additional effort.

RXNT provides all its EHR clients that are interested in meeting MIPs & qualify, the necessary materials to help them. With a step-by-step guide, RXNT walks practices through each requirement and demonstrates where within the EHR they need to fill out this information. Our knowledgeable staff is willing to help these practices wherever they may have questions.

Want to learn more about RXNT|EHR and how we can help you meet MIPS in 2017? Call us at 1-800-943-7968 Option 3, email us at [email protected], or request a demo!

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