Oct 5, 2023

Looking Back on HBMA’s 2023 Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Conference in Indianapolis

Riley Leight  |  Updated October 10

HBMA Recap Blog V2

Have a look at insights from RXNT’s three-day trip to HBMA 2023. The Healthcare Business Management Association hosted their annual conference at the JW Marriott Indianapolis—the “Crossroads of America”—from September 26th to 28th, 2023. 

This past September 26th-28th our team made their way to Indianapolis, IN for the Healthcare Business Management Association’s 2023 Revenue Cycle Management Conference. This event brings together billing professionals, administrators, and other industry experts to share the latest innovations and discuss where the medical billing and coding industry is heading.

This year, Tom Collinson (Executive Vice President of Business Development, and Chief Legal Officer) and Brad Estes (Senior Vice President of Sales) hit the show floor to give billers and coders a firsthand look at RXNT’s streamlined billing solutions.

Chatting with attendees on the show floor, they were able to glean some top-of-mind issues affecting billing professionals today. “Billing companies everywhere aren’t getting the kind of insights they need from their existing program, and it always requires some kind of customization,” said Collinson. “RXNT has unparalleled reporting and new BI tools like Revenue and RCM Insights that really change the game.”

Here’s a rundown of the conference’s buzziest topics:

Artificial Intelligence

The most trending topic at many of 2023’s conferences, Artificial Intelligence (AI), seems to be a hot-button issue across industries, whether inducing anxiety over its impact on the workforce or excitement about its potential to streamline business tasks. While the implementation of AI into healthcare processes and financial contexts is still somewhat limited, more organizations and vendors are working toward creative solutions to help businesses save time and money. Learn more about AI’s impact on healthcare in our recent blog post.

Robotic Process Automation

Not unlike AI, the goal of robotic process automation (RPA) is to give organizations the ability to automate routine tasks, which can save critical time in the claims and billing process. However, RPA is primarily focused on manual tasks which do not require a degree of intelligence, like data entry, invoicing, and reporting.

Eligibility Checks

“Today’s billers and coders are very in-tune to whether a program has excellent insurance eligibility checking,” said Collinson. Timely and accurate eligibility checks can serve as a crucial foundation for revenue cycle management. That’s why RXNT’s Practice Management software is designed to speed up every step of the eligibility and billing process, from automatically detecting and eliminating errors to providing in-depth reporting that helps you easily track every claim.

Who Won RXNT’s YETI Giveaway at HBMA?

At every conference and convention we attend, we love to find ways to give back to the community of professionals who work every day to create innovative solutions and deliver critical services for providers and patients alike.

Congratulations to Bert Lurch, CEO and Co-Owner of E Central Medical Management, Inc. for winning our Yeti giveaway!

We’re already looking forward to next year’s HBMA conference. Until then, you can get in touch with us or schedule a demo to learn more about our award-winning suite of healthcare software.

What is the Healthcare Business Management Association’s 2023 RCM Conference?

The Healthcare Business Management Association (HBMA) is a non-profit professional trade association recognized as a major authority in revenue cycle management by the healthcare industry and U.S. government agencies. 

Their fall conference aims to bring together industry professionals to facilitate valuable discussions, educational experiences, and networking opportunities.

Learn more about HBMA on their website.

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