Jun 27, 2024

Looking Back at our Trip to HLA FL’s 2024 Annual Conference

Tom Collinson   |   Updated June 27   |  Reading time: 3 minutes

HLA FL 24 Recap Blog

HLA Florida gathers professionals from around the state and the greater south to discuss the latest breakthroughs in technology, leadership strategies, and more. The theme of this year’s conference was “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes.”

On June 12-14th, we headed to the Healthcare Leaders Association of Florida’s 2024 Annual Conference in Orlando to hear about the challenges facing healthcare professionals today and share RXNT’s latest solutions. 

HLA events offer networking and learning opportunities for executives, managers, and leaders working in and adjacent to healthcare organizations. The 2024 conference’s theme was “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes,” which focused on the ever-changing healthcare landscape and how today’s leaders can effectively navigate it.

Let’s get into our recap of HLA FL, where I’ll share two of the biggest topics trending among attendees and speakers at the conference. 

The Rapidly Changing Future of Healthcare

The event showcased a range of emerging trends and critical themes in healthcare and leadership. As mentioned previously, a significant focus was on adapting to the rapid changes in the industry, as highlighted in sessions like “The Perfect Storm: How the World is Changing…Fast,” which emphasized the need for organizations to stay agile in a swiftly evolving environment. 

The event also delved into the future of healthcare in a post-pandemic world, addressing how the industry must pivot and innovate in response to the long-lasting impacts of COVID-19. It’s becoming increasingly clear to leaders that succeeding in today’s landscape will require a much deeper and more advanced relationship with technology, including new solutions like AI and machine learning, which offer incredible potential benefits for healthcare organizations.

Finding the Right Solution for Each Unique Practice

A common theme of conversation among attendees revolved around the unique needs of ambulatory practices and the necessity for solutions tailored specifically to them. Despite often being part of a larger health system, these practices frequently find that an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system designed for a larger setting, like a hospital, does not adequately meet their distinct operational requirements. 

This mismatch highlights the critical importance of working with EHR systems that are designed to cater to the specific workflows and challenges of each practice, while also putting center stage the importance of interconnectivity and interoperability between various systems. This connectivity is essential for maintaining comprehensive records and delivering coordinated, high-quality care across settings.

Find Software That Helps You Get to the Next Level

Our team is always working on new, innovative solutions to help medical practices grow and improve their operations. One of our latest features is Advanced Reporting, which provides detailed insights that help leaders make more strategic and impactful decisions to streamline revenue cycle management and increase operational efficiency. To learn more about how RXNT’s suite of medical software helps healthcare providers take their practice to new heights, schedule a discovery call with our team today.

What is HLA Florida?

HLA Florida, or the Healthcare Leaders Association of Florida, is an organization dedicated to fostering leadership and professional development within the healthcare sector. It aims to provide healthcare leaders and administrators with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to effectively manage and lead healthcare organizations. Through educational programs, workshops, conferences, and networking opportunities, HLA Florida supports the continuous growth and improvement of healthcare professionals.

Learn more on their website.

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