Intake Forms

Custom interactive paperless intake forms

Less paperwork for you and your patients...a lot less!

Create your own paperless intake forms

What if you could create custom intake forms for patients to complete online before their appointment, with demographics, health, and insurance information? How about if form data was automatically pulled into a patient’s chart for review by the doctor before and during the visit? And, what if your practice saved enough time on upfront paperwork to increase the availability for patient care?

It’s possible and it’s free from RXNT. Customizable, interactive intake forms are included with all RXNT solutions!

Versatile, practical, and efficient

Creating a form takes only minutes

Choose from up to 200 “drag and drop” fields

Patients complete forms via the Patient Portal before an appointment.

Completed forms automatically upload into patient charts

No limit on number of forms for your practice

See our Intake Forms for yourself!

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