May 21, 2024

Recapping our Time at HLA MD’s 2024 Annual Conference

Michelle Lemperg   |   Updated May 21   |  Reading time: 3 minutes

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HLA Maryland brings together healthcare professionals from around the DC/Maryland region to network, learn, and discover the latest innovations driving healthcare forward. The theme of this year’s conference was “Rising Above: Strategies for Triumph in Healthcare Management.”

On May 10th, our team made the short trip from our headquarters in Annapolis to a conference right in our own backyard: the Healthcare Leaders Association of Maryland’s 2024 Annual Conference in Linthicum, MD. This event featured valuable networking opportunities, talks from industry experts, and a variety of exhibitors—both local and national—with solutions for attendees to explore.

HLA events typically cater to executives, managers, and leaders working in healthcare organizations, from hospitals and clinics to pharmaceutical companies and insurance providers. The 2024 conference theme, “Rising Above: Strategies for Triumph in Healthcare Management,” focused on providing attendees with actionable insights that could streamline and improve their organization’s management.

In this recap of our time at HLA MD, I’ll share two of the most talked-about topics I saw at this year’s conference and what they can tell us about healthcare management today.

The Evolution of Healthcare Leadership

As expected from the theme, leadership and management in healthcare took center stage at the event. One notable session focused on the “emerging healthcare leader,” delving into the unique challenges and opportunities facing individuals stepping into leadership roles amidst rapidly changing circumstances and expectations in the industry. 

The resounding message? Leaders today must cultivate a new, more nuanced skillset to be effective. This was highlighted particularly by a session dedicated to the importance of bolstering emotional intelligence among healthcare leaders, recognizing the pivotal role of emotional intelligence in effective leadership, and fostering meaningful connections with patients, colleagues, and teams.

Using Technology to Drive Organizations Forward

Most healthcare leaders already understand that technology will continue to become a central part of the health industry and their day-to-day, but this year’s HLA MD Conference helped paint a clearer picture of how tech can be implemented pragmatically today. As an example, one session focused on using data to identify and solve chronic revenue loss patterns, which could potentially help leaders ensure the stability of their organizations during a rocky economic forecast.

Additionally, the conference provided a session on the AI solutions that are currently available to medical practices. It explored AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing, which have the potential to make an incredible impact on day-to-day clinical decision-making, predictive analytics, and personalized patient care.

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What is HLA Maryland?

The Healthcare Leaders Association of Maryland (HLA MD) is a vital resource for healthcare professionals and medical group managers throughout the state. HLA Maryland offers the education, tools, resources and networking opportunities required to enhance and develop those who serve in the administration of the medical practice. Our members work in a wide range of practice settings, such as: private practice, academic and hospital practice, and integrated delivery systems. Of our medical practice membership, a large percentage serve in a leadership position within their medical practice.

Learn more on their website.

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