Electronic Prescribing Software for Physicians

Electronic Prescribing Software for Physicians

Providing the highest level of care for every patient.

Whether you work independently or within a large healthcare organization, physicians strive to provide the best possible care for every patient. At the same time, you often have to manage administrative expectations and complete tasks like writing prescriptions manually. Paper prescriptions and calling pharmacies can cause errors and take up valuable time, which is why many physicians use electronic prescribing software.

At RXNT, we believe you should have the tools you need to serve patients without administrative tasks slowing you down. We designed our electronic prescribing software with this goal in mind. Learn more about our e-prescribing software and its benefits for physicians below.

What are electronic prescribing systems for physicians?

Electronic prescribing software is a type of technology system that allows physicians to send prescriptions to pharmacies digitally at any time and from almost any internet-enabled device. With a cloud-based e-prescribing system, providers can easily communicate with pharmacies and approve refill requests from their mobile phones or desktop computers.

RXNT revolution


In 1999, RXNT revolutionized the way providers and physicians wrote prescriptions through our cloud-based e-prescribing software that is still the gold standard. Today, our e-Rx software is HIPAA-compliant, Surescripts-certified, and DEA-certified for the electronic prescription of controlled substances (EPCS).

How does RXNT's e-prescribing help healthcare providers?

When a healthcare organization implements electronic prescription software, physicians and healthcare providers benefit first. Our DEA-certified software can make the workday easier for prescribing physicians of all types, including general practitioners, dentists, and specialists.

Our e-Rx software offers several significant benefits for physicians and doctors:

Our e-Rx software comes with fully integrated patient medication records and databases that allow you to identify the best, most cost-effective options for each patient.

RXNT e-prescribing software has several features for patient safety, including automated drug-drug, drug-allergy- and drug-diagnosis interaction checks. With our EPCS-certified software, physicians can prescribe both non-controlled substances and class II–V controlled substances.

Our e-prescribing software supports Electronic Prior Authorizations (EPAs) and communicates with all U.S. retail and mail pharmacies, reducing time spent on these tasks.

Our e-Rx software integrates seamlessly with our Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) systems for a complete technology suite that enables your practice to operate at its highest efficiency and profitably.

With these and other advantages, RXNT's e-prescribing software can help physicians focus on what they do best—delivering patient care.


"The Charge Capture app is amazing for a doctor’s office to transfer their notes and diagnosis codes easily to the billing company!"

Annie - CBT Psychological Associates

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Prescribing medication comes with unique challenges for doctors and their patients. At RXNT, we provide affordable, feature-rich healthcare technology solutions to meet these challenges. Our e-Rx software can reduce inefficiencies in your practice and create better patient outcomes.


To get started with e-prescribing, contact us or schedule a live demo today. Our knowledgeable customer service team members can explain the benefits of our e-prescribing software and help you find the technology solution that's right for you.

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